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Recovery Quotes We Love... -29th December 2015

By way of a reflection on the year that was, we decided to ask all staff and also our CACA (consumer and carer) committee to share their favourite recovery quotes with you. This was our way of reflecting on the journey of recovery. 

We were interested to see what quotes were favoured and relied on and which quotes inspired.

We were delighted with the response and hope that you, too, can find reinvigoration, rejuvenation and recovery in these lines.

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A True Story of Hope -22nd December 2015

This is my story of hope...

I celebrated my 40th birthday this year and it's been almost two years since I've been in South Pacific. I'm proud to say that it's also been that amount of time since I've had alcohol or an illicit substance in my blood. 

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So this is Xmas… -18th December 2015

If you are new to recovery, then this could be your first Christmas, and that can be a real challenge.

Whether you in recovery from Depression and Anxiety, or Addiction issues, this time of year can be a huge trigger for folks. It will be a year of firsts. First birthday, first New Year’s Eve, first ANZAC Day, first Melbourne Cup. The list goes on….

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Continuing Care and Long-term Recovery Mapping -27th October 2015

We recently interviewed our Day Program Manager, Gael Seymore, about the value importance of the day and evening program schedule facilitated by South Pacific Private. Gael shared her experience of the continuum of care provided by the facility and the positive impact that attending these programs can have in supporting recovery.

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Mental health in Sport - Perceptions and Portrayal -19th October 2015

On Wednesday 14th October, RUPA, together with South Pacific Private Hospital, hosted eight sporting organisations for an up-to-date workshop on mental health in sport.

Representatives’ from national sporting bodies, including rugby league, cricket, swimming and AFL attended the workshop to address and discuss key issues concerning mental health, including depression, anxiety and addictions to gambling and alcohol.

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