Dear Family member, friend or carer…

One of the most challenging aspects of the disease of addiction, mental illness and trauma related conditions, is the powerlessness that friends and family members feel as they watch the problems unfold. The reality is that denial is one of the symptoms of the disease, and minimization of the problems is very common in mental illness and trauma related conditions as well.

By the time people find their way to us at SPP they are usually sick and tired of the cycle of despair that accompanies untreated addictions and mental illness such as depression.

Often friends and family members have spent a long time trying to “make” the person they care about address the problems, to get treatment, to change…

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Addiction affects everyone and often travels in families. 

Coming to terms with the fact that we cannot “make” someone address these issues is the first step into recovery from these problems.

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The only person that I have the power to change is myself!

As you work on your own education and support needs, and focus on your own wellbeing, the strategies about how to best support the person you care about into treatment begin to emerge, and you, your friends and your family all begin to feel more empowered, working together to effect the changes most likely to result in the person with the problem choosing to enter treatment.

The Family Education and Support Group

The SPP Family Education and Support Group is for people who want to know more about addictions and mental illness such as depression, anxiety and trauma-related conditions. At South Pacific Private we believe that the more informed you are the easier it is to make decisions that are likely to support your friend, family member, or even yourself, in dealing with these issues effectively.

The Family Education and Support Group meets for 2 hours on a Wednesday night and is facilitated by a Senior SPP therapist well experienced in supporting people to explore both the current problems and challenges you are likely to be experiencing, and also the underlying issues such as low self-esteem which may have fuelled the development of the addiction or depression.

The program runs for four weeks and is ongoing. We have deliberately chosen to make it very affordable for the four sessions as we want to make it easier for you to take that first step in dealing with such a painful and challenging issue that you have probably been managing on your own for a very long time.

Come along to the Family Education and Support Group to:

·         Learn how to effectively help someone you care about who is struggling with addictions or mood disorders

·         Find opportunity for support and discussion with other people struggling with the same problems

·         Learn more about addictions and the underlying issues, co-dependency, and how family systems work.

·          Learn more about the SPP approach to treatment for addictions and mood disorders

Enquire now about our attending our Family Education and Support Group (also available as a one off day-time option – please enquire). 

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Family Program:

The Family Program is a four day workshop which runs Friday – Monday most weeks of the year. The program is an opportunity for you and your family to work through communication exercises together, set boundaries and limits, and for them to learn more about your treatment at SPP. Together you participate in a series of psycho-education lectures, structured exercises, and guided discussions. You are then supported in exploring the difficult and challenging issues that may not have always been addressed effectively in the past. To find out more about the family program please contact us at 1800 063 332 and ask for our fa member of our continuing care team.

Read a recent testimonial here from a mum who came to our Family Program with her daughter to better understand what happens. 

Over 90% of family members who attended our family program in 2014 – 2015 rated the therapeutic value of our family program as excellent. In addition, more than 75% of them also rated the experience of the family group processes and program as excellent. Don't just take our word for it, here are just a snapshot of some of the testimonials that the program received. 

“An extremely healing program with great processes.”

“Seeing my family operate as a unit again and allowing us to air our grievances and then let them go.”

“The therapist was amazing and the content life changing and extremely educational.”

“You have given us hope for our futures.”

“Figuring out that I need help too and that it is available.”

12 Step Programs:

We also recommend that that friends and family members of people struggling with addiction issues attend 12 Step Programs specifically addressing the needs of people who are concerned about the drinking or drug taking or gambling of a person they care about.
•    Al Anon
•    Nar Anon
•    Gam Anon

Read one man's personal story of 12 Step Recovery here.

Some useful insights specific to addictions and mood disorders:

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Accommodation Options for Family and Other Programs:

South Pacific Private can recommend these options in and around the local area. Please see South Pacific Private's alternative accommodation recommendations here  You can also search locally for Air BNB options or Stayz options.  

You can also email registrations@southpacificprivate.com.au if you have any further questions regarding accommodation. 

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