Recipes for Recovery Kumera & Coconut Curry

Recipes for Recovery: Kumera (Sweet Potato) Curry

The Wood family founded South Pacific Private 25 years ago and since that time have been committed to the Recovery of their clients and their client’s families.

South Pacific Private approaches Recovery from a holistic viewpoint combining therapy with psycho educational lectures, mindfulness and well being. We have been smoke-free since 2008 and caffeine and sugar free for the last few years as well. The food provided for clients at South Pacific Private is nutritionally balanced and carefully prepared, taking into account all dietary needs.

Several members of the Wood Family, including Fleur Wood and Frances Hansen, are published authors and have created beautiful recipe books which contain lovely, hearty recipes. The Wood family wanted to share some of these recipes with you as a support for your ongoing Recovery.

Eating well and having a balanced, mindful approach to nutrition is important at the point of detox and throughout early Recovery, as well as for a long-term sustainable healthy relationship with food.

In this blog series we will share a collection of recipes from the Wood family which will support Recovery but also healthy eating generally.

We hope you enjoy not only the preparation of these meals but also the nourishment you get from them.



Heat all spices in oil pan. They are ready when they release their scent. Add onion to the mix & sauté.

Add ginger & garlic and cook (gently without browning).

Add Kumera & toss around to coat with the spices.

Place in casserole dish (with lid) and rest of ingredients.

Cook for 1-2 hours at 180ºC. Add banana in last ½ hour.

Garnish with shredded coconut.