South Pacific Private offers a range of treatment programs and pathways tailored to meet the individual needs of clients. People come to us with a range of issues including mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, and addiction issues such as substance abuse or gambling.

Our specialised programs are designed to address these issues in a holistic and comprehensive way by providing assessment, collaborative treatment planning and a structured treatment journey, including multidisciplinary review and aftercare support.

South Pacific Private offers psychiatric, medical, nursing and specialised psychotherapeutic treatment in a range of programs in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

SPP treatment programs can really make a difference when your life is in crisis! People enter our inpatient program for many reasons – some are looking for “rehab” – a way to take those first steps into recovery from addictions, others arrive on our doorstep despairing and overwhelmed by life events, and others because they are looking for expert help in dealing with long-term problems.

All programs are supervised by a multi disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners, registered nurses, psychotherapists and counsellors.

Comprehensive Assessment

All clients are offered a free comprehensive assessment by our experienced Intake team. Either face to face, or over the phone, the Assessment Officer will explore the current issues and the crisis that has motivated you to reach out for help.

As they gain an holistic understanding of your presenting problems and life situation, they will make treatment recommendations designed to support you in in addressing the issues comprehensively and effectively with the aim of helping you get your life back on track as quickly as possible. 

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Specialised Programs

Download a list of all day / outpatient programs here

A key point of difference about the treatment offered at South Pacific Private is the range of specialised programs that make up components of the therapeutic journey. The multi-disciplinary team that supervises your treatment program and pathway will assess your progress and make recommendations as to which of these programs are suitable for you.


 This program is a 5-day intensive workshop that supports clients to explore, in depth, the origin of much adult dysfunctional behaviour. This workshop is both educational and experiential. The participant learns to identify some of the relational dynamics in the family they grew up in and how they have been impacted by these dynamics. They will learn to recognize emotions that accompany unresolved problematic experiences from the past and explore ways to work through the grief, pain and shame to find healing and happiness.

Family Program / Family Program 2/ Family Program 3:

This day program is a unique cornerstone of treatment at South Pacific Private. Family members are invited to participate in an intensive and supportive program of education, structured exercises and guided discussions that explore the family system and relationships. The family program runs from a Friday – Monday (incl) and invites family members to join day program patients onsite at the hospital. 

The family is supported in exploring difficult and challenging issues that may not have been addressed effectively in the past, within the family. This intensive 4-day program, running from Friday to Monday each week, teaches listening, communication and conflict resolution skills in a confidential and safe environment.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Program:

In response to the increasing awareness of the prevalence of untreated PTSD in the community, and the acute shortage of trauma treatment programs in NSW and Australia, South Pacific Private now offers a specialised PTSD treatment program which has been designed to provide comprehensive clinical care, including psychiatric review, psychological assessments across the duration of treatment, and a psychotherapeutic program that utilizes evidence-based clinical practice and internationally recognized treatments that work.

The SPP PTSD Evening Program is an ongoing group therapy program, facilitated by an experienced specialist therapist. The program is designed to provide psycho-education, counselling support, and clinical assessment of PTSD to enable effective treatment matching to each person's specific needs.

Changes 2:

Changes 2 is designed as a treatment booster program, providing an intensive therapeutic experience to support clients who may be struggling in their recovery journey, with further psycho-education, psychotherapy and life skill development while reinforcing the principles of recovery. This program is suitable for individuals who have completed the Changes 1 program at South Pacific Private.

Family Education and Support Group:

South Pacific Private’s Family Education & Support Group is designed to meet the needs of family and friends of someone struggling with addictions or mood disorders, or anyone wanting to learn more about the SPP treatment approach.

Held every Wednesday night from 6pm – 7pm, the Family Education & Support Group provides support, education and resources (including 12 step engagement and treatment options) to support you in learning more about the problem, why the person you care about may be resistant to seeking treatment, and how you can best help them to find the support or treatment they need. Register here.