Self-Assessments: Prescription Medication


A prescription drug addict uses medications in a way other than that for which they were originally prescribed, or to a much greater extent. They come to depend on the drugs to feel better in some way, and experience cravings for them in between doses. The prescription drug use continues in spite of negative consequences for the user, including relationship difficulties, problems on the job, or the risk of physical harm from inappropriate use.

The goal of our prescription drug quiz is not to provide a definitive answer as to whether you or someone you care about is dependent on prescription medications. It is an opportunity to raise your awareness about the impact that the medication/drug use is having on your life or the life of someone you care about.

As you read each of the following statements take your time to think about the answer, then click on the button if you believe it applies to you. Only you will be seeing the results of this quiz so take the opportunity to be completely honest with yourself. To minimize or deny behaviours or consequences is one of the symptoms of addiction.

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  • Do you regularly exceed the recommended dose or dosage frequency of a prescription, or over-the-counter, medication?
  • Do you ever go to a different doctor to get more of a medicine than your usual doctor prescribes?
  • Do you ever use the medication for recreational purposes rather than for medical reasons, or continue to take medication for a condition that has improved?
  • Do you purchase medications/drugs from or through unlicensed strangers, or used medications prescribed for other people?
  • Do you need more of the medication to have the same effect – has your tolerance to the medication increased?
  • Do you hide, and/or lie about, your medication/drug use to friends, family, employer or doctor, or do you feel defensive if someone comments on your use of medication?
  • Do you spend significant amounts of time and energy in obtaining the medication (Visiting doctors, driving long distances)?
  • Do you sometimes combine medication with alcohol and/or other drugs?
  • Have you become more withdrawn from friends and family, and your interest in social interactions and physical activities decreased?
  • Has your medication/drug use impacted your work performance at times?
  • Do you experience a lack of emotion and/or an attitude of indifference to things that would have previously been important to you, or do you have a lack of interest in things that would have previously brought you pleasure?
  • Have you had blackouts (loss of memory) or are you forgetful at times as a result of medication/drug use?
  • Do you have concerns about the way your physical health may be impacted by the amount and type of prescription medication you use?
  • Do you engage in illegal activities or have you had legal consequences as a result of your use of prescription medication?
  • Have you tried to reduce, control or stop using the medication/drug without lasting success?

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The goal of our self-tests is not to provide you with a diagnosis for yourself or for someone you care about. Instead, they are an opportunity for you to better understand how a behaviour might be impacting upon your life or the life of your family. Use these tests to enhance your awareness of what the problem might be. These tests should be answered honestly in order to provide accurate insight and are a chance for you to reflect upon the current situation.


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