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Self-Assessments: Bipolar Disorder


The goal of our Bipolar Disorder self-test is not to provide a definitive answer as to whether you or someone you care about has a clinical diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. Rather, it is an opportunity to raise your awareness about how mood swings may be impacting aspects of your life, or the life of someone you care about.

As you read each of the following statements take your time to think about the answer, then click on the button if you believe it applies to you. Only you will be seeing the results of this self-test so take the opportunity to be completely honest with yourself.

The key characteristic of Bipolar Disorder is the experience of mood swings where there is a period of time where you experience the “downs” or depressed mood symptoms, alternating with the “ups” or elevated mood symptoms. These mood cycles can vary in duration, and length of time between episodes. There can often be periods of normal mood in between the depressed and elevated mood cycles.

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PART A: Depressive Mood Systems
Have you experienced an episode where you have had some of these symptoms for a period of at least two weeks:

  • Difficulty making decisions?
  • Decreased self-esteem, and/or loss of confidence?
  • Decreased interest and enjoyment in activities that would previously have interested you?
  • Difficulty focusing or concentrating?
  • Despairing about the future, or thinking that life is not worth living?
  • Having thoughts of harming yourself, or thinking about suicide?
  • Feeling down even when good things happen?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and/or powerless at times?
  • Experiencing uncomfortable feelings that are hard to shift such as sadness, guilt, loneliness, and/or despair at times?
  • Feeling like a failure, having feelings of shame or worthless, and/or inadequacy?
  • Decreased energy, or feeling tired and easily fatigued?
  • Experiencing sleep disturbances, and or changes in appetite?

PART B: Elevated Mood Symptoms
Have you experienced an episode where you have felt more "wired" or "hyper" than you would normally when you are happy, and had some of these symptoms for a period of time:

  • Experiencing high energy levels?
  • Feeling very confident and capable?
  • Feeling very creative with lots of ideas and plans?
  • Feeling that things are very vivid and crystal clear?
  • Making impulsive decisions and choices?
  • Having racing thoughts and speaking quickly?
  • Experiencing heightened senses, and intensified emotions?
  • Working long hours, feeling very motivated?
  • Reading special significance into things?
  • Behaving inappropriately at times - saying outrageous things, taking risks?
  • Feeling 'high', elated or ecstatic and optimistic?
  • Feeling easily irritated, frustrated and impatient with other people?
  • Increased libido / interest in sex (either thinking about or acting out)?
  • Laughing more and finding lots of things humorous?
  • Needing less sleep and not feeling tired?
  • Spending excessive amounts of money, gambling or increased consumption of drugs and alcohol?

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The goal of our self-tests is not to provide you with a diagnosis for yourself or for someone you care about. Instead, they are an opportunity for you to better understand how a behaviour might be impacting upon your life or the life of your family. Use these tests to enhance your awareness of what the problem might be. These tests should be answered honestly in order to provide accurate insight and are a chance for you to reflect upon the current situation.


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