Sustaining Recovery


Continuing Care, Beachwood Recovery House & Your Recovery

“Recovery is a lifelong commitment and any amount of time living a life in Recovery is a monumental achievement. You deserve a life beyond your wildest dreams and you deserve the joy that Recovery brings. Recovery is a journey and I invite you to look out for the beauty and insight along the way. Be grateful. Be kind to yourself and others. Notice and celebrate the changes. Enjoy getting to know yourself again and, above all, reach out for support when you need it.” – Lorraine Wood, Co-Founder and Owner, South Pacific Private

It’s easy to forget how important it is to maintain Recovery practices, especially in early Recovery when you’ve had some quick wins and are feeling great. Studies show it’s important to remember how vital early Recovery really is. South Pacific Private always advocates engagement in longer-term continuing care for those in Recovery.

We take a tailored approach to Recovery. We recognise that our inpatient stay can be just the very beginning – sometimes referred to as the foundation of the treatment journey.

Evidence-based research indicates that approaching Recovery from all angles is essential – and our Day and Evening programs, combined with 12 Step meetings, regular 1-1 visits with a Therapist, plus a healthy lifestyle including mindfulness, gratitude practice, exercise, nutritious food and healing relationships are vital.


Soon after a client admits as an inpatient, a Client Care Case Manager starts working on behalf of each client to ensure they leave us with a clear and structured ongoing treatment plan. The Client Care Case Manager works together with our multidisciplinary team of Psychiatrists, GPs, Nurses, Therapists, Counsellors and Program Managers to ensure the best possible outcome for all clients during and after their treatment.

Client Care Case Managers meet with clients a number of times during treatment and provide support at every stage of the treatment pathway. Their aim is to ensure that a client feels confident and has clarity around what their Recovery journey needs to look like when they leave so that they can continue to build on the good work and foundations they started as an inpatient. Clients will leave South Pacific Private with referrals for ongoing therapy in their area and recommendations for local groups and meetings (such as AA).

The support the Client Case Managers provide is essential. If you do not feel engaged in your Recovery plan, or don’t appreciate what you need to do to maintain your Recovery you may become triggered into old patterns of behaviour very quickly when you return home.

South Pacific Private Transitions Program and other Day Programs are designed to support clients in sustaining their Recovery. A stay in Beachwood Recovery House may also be recommended as part of an ongoing treatment plan to support your Recovery.

It is likely that our recommendation may include our two-week Transitions Program designed specifically to support clients upon completion of their Inpatient program) and before they return home and to their daily lives).

A clinical recommendation may also be made to consider a residential stay in Beachwood.


Beachwood Recovery House is the ideal setting for additional support in Recovery.

Beachwood is a recovery house for residents who have completed South Pacific Private’s residential program and also for individuals who wish reconnect with their Recovery plan.

Staying at Beachwood  Recovery House will enhance your Recovery. Residents are able to invest more time in getting well and staying well. Beachwood sober living house provides a fantastic opportunity to keep yourself safe and to practice healthy behaviours and boundaries in a place where they are supported around your triggers.

As part of the Beachwood halfway house program, all residents participate in a comprehensive 6-day a week Transitions Program. Whilst living at Beachwood there will also be opportunities to use the tranquillity and privacy to practice mindfulness and yoga, to journal and to be supported with the tailored Continuing Care plan developed by the multidisciplinary team.

Program structure and content:

  • Compulsory daily attendance at the Transitions Program and other Day Programs
  • Daily house meetings with Beachwood staff
  • Evening debriefs with Beachwood Support Workers
  • Attendance of local 12 Step / other local meetings
  • Accommodation for agreed length of stay (minimum 7-night stay required)
  • All meals and refreshments
  • Daily optional beach walks, mindfulness and yoga
  • Sunday leisure time and offsite family visiting hours

Cost and length of stay:

Attendance at these Day Programs may be supported by a health fund. In addition to the treatment itself, the accommodation is self-paid and covers all meals.

Admissions and general enquiries:

Phone: 1800 063 332
Email: Beachwood@southpacificprivate.com.au
Postal: Beachwood Manager, 24 Beach Street, Curl Curl, Sydney, NSW 2096
Web: www.beachwoodrecoveryhouse.com.au

South Pacific Private is here to help when you or someone you love experiences difficulties with addictions, trauma or with mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

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Numerous research studies have proven that the best chance to support ongoing recovery with reduced incidences of relapse is predicated by ongoing participation in a long-term recovery plan.

Beachwood is a residential supported living facility for those who need ongoing treatment whilst transitioning from inpatient back into their daily lives, or for anyone who is struggling in their Recovery. It is a 10-bed halfway houseand provides the opportunity to prioritise a commitment to recovery for individuals in Recovery.

Research has proven that if we can surround ourselves with ongoing group and individual therapy, with 12 step meeting attendance and participation, in a safe and supportive environment, we give ourselves the best chance to make our recovery a reality.

The Beachwood sober living home and program encompasses compulsory daily programs where residents have a chance to continue to grow and develop their skills, engage in group therapy and continue along their recovery journey.