When to Seek Help


Seeking Help

If you think you might have a problem, or if others are concerned about your behaviour or health, then it’s possible that you might be struggling with a mental health concern or an addiction.

Am I having difficulty functioning?

Problems require professional help when they interfere with important areas of your life and when you continue to engage in that behaviour despite the negative consequences. We would recommend that you take one of our self-assessments to help gain clarity about the problem.

Alternatively, you can ask yourself the following questions, and if you answer “yes” to any of them, consider talking to a professional or contacting us:

  • Am I having difficulty carrying out or completing my normal daily activities and responsibilities?
  • Am I unable to do my work, or has my work suffered because of the way I have been feeling or acting?
  • Has there been an impact on my physical health?
  • Do I often feel like I should cut back on my drinking or intake but can’t or have tried and failed?
  • Do I often hide what I am doing from others or deny it when confronted?
  • Have I been in trouble with the law for my behaviour or participated in illegal activities?
  • Am I having difficulty interacting with close friends, family, partners or strangers?
  • Has my behaviour caused my relationships to suffer?
  • Are my family concerned about me?
  • Have I been avoiding people, important situations or opportunities because I would rather engage in certain behaviour or because I am too anxious, tired or listless?
  • Have there been financial consequences as a result of my behaviour?
  • Do I feel ashamed as a result of my behaviour?
  • Am I despairing or concerned about how my life is unfolding and want to change?
  • Are others around me telling me that I’ve been acting differently and that they are worried about me?
  • Is my behaviour a source of tension or a cause of conflict?
  • Am I isolating myself and avoiding social situations?
  • Do I feel unworthy of help or support?


Dealing with substance abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction or mental illness is never easy, but there are things you can do and treatments that can help you to transform your life.

There is hope because with treatment and a recovery plan, you can work to overcome an addiction or mental health concern and begin to transform your life.

Recovering from co-occurring disorders such as addiction or depression/anxiety takes bravery and time.

It’s not something that will change overnight. It takes time and commitment but it’s important to know that you can recover and you can get better.

South Pacific Private’s Program will immerse you in a full and intensive therapeutic program designed to address the problematic behaviours, attitudes and feelings that have led to your current crisis. The structured program offers psychiatric care, around the clock nursing care, daily group therapy and comprehensive psycho-education.

The Inpatient Treatment Program supports you in gaining insights to the problems and the changes needed to get your life back on track effectively and quickly.

Call today on 1800 063 332 to seek the help that you deserve or email info@southpacificprivate.com.au to find out more. 


There is no time like the present. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, panicked, afraid, desperate or determined – we will be at the end of the phone ready to support you and to answer your questions.

When you feel ready to reach out, we are ready to help.

During their lifetime, many people struggle with both addictions and/or mental illness. You are not alone and you don’t need to feel alone any longer.

Our supportive professional team have been helping people in your situation for over 20 years and will work with you to assess your current situation and to determine the next best step for you and for your family.

Call today – there is no commitment upfront and the team will be happy to talk honestly with you regarding your situation.

The Client Care Team is available 24/7 (including weekends) on 1800 063 332 or at info@southpacificprivate.com.au

South Pacific Private is here to help when you or someone you love experiences difficulties with addictions, trauma or with mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

Find out if you have a problem

The goal of our self-tests is not to provide you with a diagnosis for yourself or for someone you care about. Instead, they are an opportunity for you to better understand how a behaviour might be impacting upon your life or the life of your family. Use these tests to enhance your awareness of what the problem might be. These tests should be answered honestly in order to provide accurate insight and are a chance for you to reflect upon the current situation.


Find out if you have a problem.
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