Graeme’s Story

I went into South Pacific Private hospital on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to find healing and to change my life.

The team don’t just treat the symptoms of addiction and depression, but work collaboratively with clients (as both individuals and a community) and the professional team help to heal some of the deep wounds that we have. They also help us to become aware of the ways we have learned to deal with them (the wounds) and to survive (that ultimately haven’t worked.)

While not always easy, and sometimes very challenging, it was a very meaningful, beautiful and enriching time. I feel much more alive than I’ve been for a long time. So much happened and so few words here to describe the experience.

The program and experience intentionally is designed around creating a safe, healing community, which in itself is a big part of the healing that takes place. In most ways it hardly feels like a hospital. Mental illness and struggling with addictions are very lonely and the loneliness and isolation and withdrawal make things worse. Being part of a compassionate supportive community as part of treatment helped to break down cycles and patterns of behaviour and give me the strength to go into a brighter future, which I deserve.

I’m out now, and for the next few months go back two days a week for day programs as part of my ongoing Recovery plan. In summary, my life is enriched, my compassion and empathy have increased and my understanding of self, others and life has grown. Thank you.