Bec’s Story

This week I celebrated being clean for One Year.

I wanted to get in touch with you because SPP has played an integral role in my recovery journey. When I came back in February I was in a critical stage in my recovery, my mental health had taken a huge dive and my life was ruled by fear. It took everything I had to come back through those doors and every day since then I have been so grateful for the strength I found to work the program.

My three weeks at SPP challenged me in so many ways, as uncomfortable as I felt holding up the magnifying glass to my life and behaviours the program and my time there was such a beautiful experience. And the work doesn’t stop once you finish the three weeks, I feel blessed to have walked away with so many tools and amazing advice from SPP that I apply to my life on a daily basis.

This past year has been challenging, overwhelming and revealing. Some days have been better than others but I get up every day, I make my bed and I front up to life without needing a drug to do so. I don’t hate myself today, I have stronger boundaries and finally a real sense of balance in my life. My family and I have grown closer and I’m chasing goals that I have run away from for too long because I didn’t believe I deserved them.

SPP helped me to find my strength and to accept myself as I am, I’m not perfect I make mistakes but being able to live my life with freedom, choice and love is an absolute gift so thank you for that. Thank you for all that you do for people, you are an incredible establishment and a wonderful group of people.