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An Update on Complex Trauma – Our Most Watched You Tube Video

It’s been a few years since we launched our You Tube Channel and we are delighted to now have over 1500 subscribers to it.

In celebration of that we wanted to share our most watched you tube video with you.

This webinar is a few years old but has had over 82K views and many compliments over the time since we launched and shared it.

In the webinar, a senior program director at South Pacific Private discusses complex trauma disorder and PTSD. It’s an hour long but it’s an authentic and honest perspective which has resonated with many.

You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sbYIKC7-Tw or watch it below.

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South Pacific Private offers treatment for PTSD in the form of inpatient as well as day programs. If you need support around PTSD or other mental health concerns, please reach out by calling 1800 063 332 or emailing info@southpacificprivate.com.au