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Accomplishing the Unthinkable – Chris’ Story

I must admit that I’m still overwhelmed at how significant a change my life has had.

I have come to realise that the world is bigger than the one inside my head. Thinking back now, it’s frightening to come to terms with what I had accepted as my ‘norm’. The best way I could begin to describe it is complete and utter mental anguish. I was so brittle and desolate; I genuinely believed that things couldn’t get any better; that my existence then was so final. But I’m here to tell you that this is a place far removed from my existence today.

I’m not saying that my life is without its challenges but what I am saying is that I am living proof that South Pacific Private changed my life unimaginably for the better. I can say that I love my Recovery and that I love myself. I have accomplished the unthinkable in the past year and that is something no-one can ever take from me. This is why it’s important to follow my Recovery Plan because I remind myself all the time that this isn’t a practice run!

I could write for hours about the specifics of where I was and the steps I took to get to where I am today, but what’s most important is that I live a day at a time. Staying connected to South Pacific Private via the Day Programs was also a game-changer. I have done the work – I don’t believe I have been more committed to anything than I have been to my Recovery. You can learn to live comfortably in your own skin. The joy and love I feel today was worth every step I took to get here. This program works.

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