Our Vision

To be a beacon of hope for all people, and their families, who are suffering from addictions and mental illness.

Our Mission

To bring hope, health and happiness to troubled people, through our expertise in the holistic treatment of addictions and mental illness, by changing lives and healing families.

Our Motto


The South Pacific Private Core Values

People have inherent worth.

All people are precious; this is not up for debate. It is the nature of humanity to be perfectly imperfect, and our value, or worth, as a human being is never in question because it is inherent. To have a healthy self esteem is to value ourselves even when we don’t do things well or when we are faced with our imperfections.

People are vulnerable.

All people are age appropriately vulnerable and require functioning boundaries to protect and contain themselves. It is the responsibility of parents and/or carers to support and protect a child appropriately, and to teach healthy self-protection and containment as a child matures. It is the responsibility of an adult to protect and contain themselves in relationships with healthy boundaries.

People are perfectly imperfect.

To own our reality is to find our authentic or true self below the layers of adaptations and faulty self-concepts developed during childhood in shamed based family systems. Self-knowledge and acceptance are necessary for people to be respectful of both their own reality and the reality of others.  This underpins our ability to be accountable and experience healthy intimacy in relationships.

People are inter-dependent.

It is the responsibility of parents and/or carers to meet the age appropriate dependency needs of a child and to teach healthy self care as a child matures. It is the responsibility of an adult to take care of their own needs and wants appropriately, including asking for, and receiving help when needed, and to avoid doing for others what they can do for themselves.

People are spontaneous, open and moderate.

Spontaneity and openness allow both children and adults to interact with our environment and in relationships with creativity and passion, and to play. Children develop healthy moderation in behaviour and attitudes as they are parented with age appropriate limit setting and healthy self-containment. It is the responsibility of adults to moderate impulses to contain or control themselves or others.