The story of South Pacific Private began centuries ago as the multi-generational disease of alcoholism weaved its way down through the generations of the families of the founders, Lorraine and Bill Wood.

In the early 1990’s their personal journey led Lorraine and Bill to a Treatment Centre in Arizona, USA called “The Meadows.” The profound impact of this program, developed by Pat and Pia Mellody, had on their lives was such that they became deeply motivated to found a similar facility here in Australia where the need was great, and treatment centres of this type as yet unknown.

Pat and Pia Mellody generously shared their program, and in November 1993 South Pacific Private opened its doors to our very first client.

South Pacific Private is a licensed Psychiatric Hospital with the NSW Department of Health, and has maintained full accreditation with the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards since 1994.

We have treated over 7000 clients for addictions, mental illness and trauma-related conditions, often with all three co-existing, since 1993.

In November 2013, South Pacific Private celebrated the 20th anniversary of working toward our mission: “To bring hope, health and happiness to troubled people, through our expertise in the holistic treatment of addictions and mental illness, by changing lives and healing families.”