Outcomes & Results

South Pacific Private offers comprehensive, well-balanced care guided by the experience of a professional and dedicated team of experts.

Measuring the health outcomes of consumers in mental health services is critical to ensure that every consumer continually benefits from the treatment and care they receive.

Our long-standing programs are proven to make a difference.

South Pacific Private has several robust outcome measures currently in place, including participation in the nationwide Health of the Nation Outcome Study (hoNOS). Results indicate that the hospital’s outcomes are comparable to other hospitals in terms of symptomatic improvement but superior in terms of psycho-social and long-term Recovery.

South Pacific Private is committed to promoting a culture of continuous quality improvement through it’s Quality Improvement Program, encompassing management functions in the provision of client care programs, service delivery and client health outcomes. The board, all staff and contractors at South Pacific Private, have a commitment to Quality Improvement. In addition, the Board, supported by the Quality Improvement Committee, leads the hospital in its Quality Improvement endeavors.

South Pacific Private regularly tracks outcomes and benchmarks our performance against a series of quality and safety-checking mechanisms in line with the ASQHS National Standards and governing bodies. This ensures that we continue to provide the highest quality of treatment to clients in the safest environment.

South Pacific Private has a ‘Research and Ethics Committee’ who meet quarterly. This committee conducts ongoing research into program outcomes and has representation from the multidisciplinary team as well as the Board. This research also forms part of the ongoing continuous improvement commitment at the hospital and ensures all aspects of care is evidenced based. The Research and Ethics Committee is currently engaged in projects which track and measure the outcomes of our family programs, clients who are one year into their Recovery post discharge from South Pacific Private as well as numerous other projects.

South Pacific Private is Australia’s leading Treatment Centre specialising in addictions and mood disorders. We are a trauma-informed psychiatric hospital and can support clients struggling with addictions, PTSD and mood disorders. Please get in touch to refer a client to our hospital.

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