BEC: “This week I celebrated being clean for one year and South Pacific Private played an integral role in my Recovery journey. When I joined treatment my mental health had taken a huge dive and my life was ruled by fear. It took everything I had to come back through those doors…”

SARAH: “This is my story of hope… I celebrated my 40th birthday this year and it’s been almost two years since I’ve been in South Pacific. I’m proud to say that it’s also been that amount of time since I’ve had alcohol or an illicit substance in my blood. After a suicide attempt and a psychiatric hospitalization…”


GRAHAM & SUSAN: “We would like to thank you for this amazing program. Your generosity of spirit and ability to foster a safe open environment created a space for our family to re-evaluate our legacy, responsibilities and challenges. Even more importantly, it helped us to break down some walls and look at our own needs…”

South Pacific Private is here to help when you or someone you love experiences difficulties with addictions, trauma or with mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

MATT: I’m sick of you coming home from work late and drunk. This is the fourth time this week. What’s going on?

SARAH: So what? I had a few drinks.
I don’t have a problem.


CATH: I had a choice in my life, to die or to do something. I was depressed. I hated my guts. I thought I was worthless and everyone’s problem. I didn’t know what a normal life was. I had to do something about it.


JOHN: I thought that I drank so much because I had all these problems. I didn’t realise that all my problems were directly related to how much I drank. From what my life was then, to how it is now is so extraordinarily different.


PETER: I was medicating my pain and using chemicals to ensure that would happen... I reached the stage where the drugs weren’t working anymore and I arrived at South Pacific Private in a state of complete despair.