Frequently Asked Questions about South Pacific Private

No matter if it's the first time or if it's something you are familiar with, it's never easy when someone you know and love is hospitalised due to a mental health concern or an addition. Download these questions for your reference

What treatment options are there?

Download or read our services catalogue here which details all our programs.

Click here to find out everything you need to know about what happens when a family member arrives at South Pacific Private. 

Does the facility have a detox program? SPP provides a safe, medically supervised detox. Our clients are closely monitored during their detox by a team a trained nursing and medical staff 24 hours a day.

Which health funds are we supported by? Please find the list here. 

Are there any age restrictions? South Pacific Private's treatment program is designed for adults. We do not usually admit patients under the age of 18 for treatment. 

How to I get to South Pacific Private? South Pacific Private is located at 24 Beach Street Curl Curl NSW 2096. Tel (02) 9905 3667 | Fax (02) 9905 9696 | info@southpacificprivate.com.au

Public transport options include the 136 bus from Chatswood to Curl Curl, the 139 from Manly to South Curl Curl or a direct airport transfer bus if you are coming interstate.

We recommend that clients do not drive themselves to treatment. It is a condition that patients do not operate any motorised vehicle during their admission as medications and mood state may adversely affect your ability at this time. Onsite parking is not available for inpatients. As an alternative to public transport please arrange for a family member, friend or taxi to drop you off on admission.

It is recommended that visitors park on Carrington Parade or Wyndora Street. We ask that visitors avoid parking on Beach or Ellen Streets to ensure minimal disruption to local residents. To view our recommended parking options click here.

Can I smoke cigarettes? We are a smoke free facility and clients are not permitted to smoke on or near the hospital grounds. You can purchase Nicotine Replacement Therapy whilst in treatment and we encourage you to bring NRT with you for your admission. Please ask for more specific information. 

Will I have a roommate? Generally you will be required to share a room.

Can I leave the facility and come back if needed? All clients are to remain on SPP grounds unless granted special permission by the multidisciplinary team including their treating psychiatrist. Clients may be given permission to leave the facility for court attendance and specialist medical appointments etc., if it is considered safe by the team for the client to do so.

Can my family visit? Yes. Our visiting hours are on Sunday from 1.30-3.30pm. Visits take place once during your time in treatment and are arranged in conjunction with our MDS team. We recommend that all family and visitors park on Carrington Parade and avoid parking on Beach and Ellen Streets in order to minimise disruption to local residents.

What can I do if I have concerns for the mental health of a family member either during or post treatment? Please call reception on 02 9905 3667 and our team will support you to talk with the most relevant member of staff to address your concerns.

Is there any preferred accommodation available for family members or day/ evening programs? There are and South Pacific Private can recommend these options in and around the local area. Please see South Pacific Private's alternative accommodation recommendations here  You can also search locally for Air BNB options or Stayz options.  You can also email registrations@southpacificprivate.com.au if you have any further questions regarding accommodation. 

What is a typical day in treatment like? Please read our flyer which shares information about a 'typical' day in treatment. 

Can I have contact with family and friends when I am an inpatient? You are permitted to use the hospital public phone to contact family and friends. We support you to limit this contact and focus on attending all aspects of the program. You are not permitted to use your mobile phone and this will be stored in our locked contraband cupboard. It will be returned to you upon your discharge. In special circumstances e.g. to contact young children, your primary therapist will allow you to use the public phone more frequently. 

Can I continue taking my medications (for pain, to help me sleep, for depression, for anxiety, etc.)? This is discussed and reviewed with a GP and consulted by a psychiatrist. On admission nursing staff will remove your medications and they will be stored in our medication room. You are not permitted to keep any medications on you without permission from the treating team. All medications brought to the hospital must be in a sealed container.

What can I bring with me? The 6 things you must bring to be admitted are:

A GP's or Psychiatrist's referral

Deposit payment

Medicare card

Health fund card / book

Pension or concession cards

Credit card or $300 deposit to cover incidental costs (such as pharmacy items)

Please read our pre-admission information sheet here. 

Suggested personal items to bring:

  • Stationery, pen, stamps
  • Address book
  • Baby picture or youngest picture of you available
  • Limited amounts of cash (for phone cards, laundry)
  • Credit card / EFTPOS card
  • Own bed quilt or pillow (if desired)
  • A water bottle for drinking
  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Suncream

Please do not bring expensive jewellery or items of value.

Can I bring my cell phone, laptop, iPod, etc.? We support and encourage all our clients to focus on attending the program and limit distraction from this. Your cell phone and laptop will be stored in our contraband cupboard and returned to you upon your discharge. You won’t be able to access these things. Staff will take messages from your family and friends and pass these on to you. Clients are able to hire an iPod from reception that has meditations and relaxation music.

Can I get a family member involuntarily admitted for treatment? At South Pacific Private we only treat voluntary clients. If you are seeking support for yourself, or more information on supporting your family member, we would recommend attending our “Family Education & Support Group” which is run at the hospital from 6-8pm every Wednesday evening.

How long is the program? The program is tailored to individual needs and circumstances. We offer both inpatient and outpatient programs. Following a comprehensive pre assessment a treatment plan will be developed in collaboration with you.

Is the therapy individual or group based at South Pacific Private? All therapy sessions at South Pacific Private are in a group setting. Your treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs and will encompass group therapy and psycho-educational lectures.

How many clients total can be in the program? We currently have a maximum capacity for 53 inpatients. We also offer day programs. To view day program options click here

Do you have any openings? We guarantee Fast-Tracked admission for clients where necessary and appropriate. Admission to our programs is dependent on the outcome of an assessment conducted by one of our Mental Health Assessing Officers.  Their treatment recommendations will determine when you can be admitted and when our treatment programs are appropriate. 

What demographic do you serve? Generally our clients are aged between 18-80 years of age. Clients come from Australia/worldwide.

Do you have financial assistance? If you have a private health fund that we have a contract with, this covers the cost of treatment at South Pacific Private. We will undertake a full health fund check prior to your admission and inform you of all costs. We are a private facility and therefore are not entitled to any Medicare rebate for our program costs.

Admission information: Please note that it is important that you are on time as doctor appointments are scheduled. If you miss this appointment your admittance may be deferred to the next day. 

Where can I find out more information about addictions or mood disorders? You might find these links useful and informative:

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What are directions to the facility? South Pacific Private is located at 24 Beach Street Curl Curl NSW 2096. Tel (02) 9905 3667 |

Fax (02) 9905 9696 | info@southpacificprivate.com.au 

What happens in the Family Program? Read a testimonial here from a family program attendee. Family Program runs for four days (Fri – Monday) weekly. Family members will be contacted to discuss their attendance. If you would like to enquire about the program please contact 1800 063 332 and ask for our Family Program Coordinator. 

What can I do if I need support for myself or my family member? Please call reception on 02 9905 3667 and our team will support you to talk with the most relevant member of staff to address your concerns. You can also email our enquiries team at any time on info@southpacificprivate.com.au

Can I view your privacy statement? Our Privacy statement can be viewed here.