Beachwood Recovery House


Research has proven that if we surround ourselves with ongoing group and individual therapy and with 12 step meeting attendance and participation, we give ourselves the best chance to make our Recovery a reality.

Beachwood Recovery House

At Beachwood Recovery House we take a tailored approach to treatment and are guided by evidence-based research. The evidence suggests that the longer an individual is engaged in continuing care and peer-related services, the less treatment will be required in the longer term.

The range of programs offered at Beachwood Recovery House support a long-term approach to your Recovery and mental health. We know that how individuals continue to care for themselves when they discharge from any inpatient stay may determine their capacity for remaining abstinent and to live their lives with fewer mental health concerns.

Staying at Beachwood Recovery House will enhance your Recovery as you are investing more time in getting well and staying well. The team at Beachwood believe that the opportunity to practice skills in a safe compassionate environment offers a unique opportunity for individuals to re-connect with their Recovery.

This transitional sober living house is a great option to keep yourself safe and to practice healthy behaviour in a place where you are supported 24/7 around your triggers.


Beachwood Recovery House is a residential supported living facility that provides residents with greater autonomy, responsibility and guidance in their Recovery. It is an opportunity to be supported through ongoing treatment for addictions whilst transitioning from an inpatient program back into their daily lives. Beachwood Recovery House also supports individuals who are struggling to enhance their Recovery or wish to re-connect with their Recovery plan.

It is suitable for:

  • Those who have completed the South Pacific Private inpatient program
  • Those who have completed an inpatient treatment program in another treatment centre
  • Those have been abstinent from alcohol and/or drugs for at least 30 days and are committed to abstinence
  • Those who are currently abstinent from process addiction and are committed to abstinence
  • Those committed to ongoing Recovery and require additional support
  • Those who wish to reconnect with their Recovery from either addiction or mood disorders


Beachwood Recovery House Bedroom

The Beachwood Recovery House and its program encompasses compulsory daily programs, held next door at South Pacific Private, where our residents have a chance to continue to grow and develop their skills, engage in group therapy and continue along their Recovery journey from both addictions and mental health concerns.

We look at recovery holistically bringing together healthy living, spirituality, therapeutic programs, continuing recovery planning, relapse prevention and community peer support.

Beachwood Recovery House’ transitional approach gives our residents an opportunity to experience their ‘Recovery in the real world’ with support and guidance.

Accommodation is situated in Curl Curl and is a ten minute walk to Freshwater village. This beautiful setting is the ideal location to continue to build on the foundation of your Recovery or to re-connect with your Recovery plan.

Program snapshot:

  • Attendance of our range of South Pacific Private Day Programs individually recommended by the clinical team
  • Daily attendance of local 12 step meetings and support groups
  • Community meetings in the mornings and evenings
  • Daily exercise and mindfulness
  • 1:1 support worker meetings with a Beachwood Recovery House Support Worker
  • Optional leisure day on Sundays
  • Optional Art Therapy on Sundays
  • House curfew is between 10pm – 6am daily

*** Please be aware that residents must meet the necessary intake requirements. This accommodation includes all board, meals, accommodation and some services. Beachwood Recovery House is also the ideal set-up for those in recovery who are based interstate, overseas or regionally and can’t access ongoing day or evening programs due to geographical barriers but who are committed to their ongoing recovery plan.

We invite you to phone our experienced team to have a free private and confidential discussion about whether you may benefit from a residential stay at Beachwood Recovery House. You can also read more about Beachwood Recovery House here. Healthcare professionals can also refer a client into Beachwood using our Beachwood Referral Form

Please phone us on 1800 063 332 or email beachwood@southpacificprivate.com.au to find out more. You can also visit the Beachwood Recovery House website at www.beachwoodrecoveryhouse.com.au/ for more images and insight into the program.

Admission and Assessment Forms for Beachwood Recovery House:

Admission to Beachwood Recovery House

GP Referral to Beachwood Recovery House

South Pacific Private is here to help when you or someone you love experiences difficulties with addictions, trauma or with mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

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Numerous research studies have proven that the best chance to support ongoing recovery with reduced incidences of relapse is predicated by ongoing participation in a long-term recovery plan.

Beachwood is a residential supported living facility for those who need ongoing treatment whilst transitioning from inpatient back into their daily lives, or for anyone who is struggling in their Recovery. It is a 10-bed halfway houseand provides the opportunity to prioritise a commitment to recovery for individuals in Recovery.

Research has proven that if we can surround ourselves with ongoing group and individual therapy, with 12 step meeting attendance and participation, in a safe and supportive environment, we give ourselves the best chance to make our recovery a reality.

The Beachwood sober living home and program encompasses compulsory daily programs where residents have a chance to continue to grow and develop their skills, engage in group therapy and continue along their recovery journey.