Christmas decorations in the surf

Staying Safe over the Holidays

There’s something about the holiday season that brings out nearly every emotion in us and we can find ourselves reverting back to those old patterns of dysfunctional behaviour.

The holidays can bring about stress, pain and often isolation for those in early recovery or struggling to maintain recovery.

The holiday season for those struggling with addiction and mood disorders the holidays can surface more hurt and anger than festivity. More agony than cheer, more heartache and heartbreak than comfort and joy. The holiday season can put strain on family members that are trying to support their loved ones struggling in recovery who may be triggered by the holiday season. For others the struggle at holiday time maybe the absence of family and loved ones for a variety of reason and this can lead to isolation and feeling more impacted by those triggers that we can usually be with.

If you are struggling and feeling triggered by the holiday season you don’t have to make the excuse that you should wait it out and endure the unhappiness. The holiday season is the perfect time to refocus on recovery for yourself or a loved one. Enduring until after the holidays will only extend your unhappiness and could potentially derail recovery. Getting the support you need will give you the renewed hope for the New Year and enhance your recovery journey.

Beachwood could be a safe haven for you during the holiday season. Beachwood is a fully staffed 24/7, 10-bed supported-living recovery house on the Northern Beaches. We have a full community program running during the holiday season which includes group therapy, 1:1 support, and a wide variety of community activities.

Let us share with you the top reasons why the holidays are actually the best time to focus on your recovery and taking it to the next level.

Beachwood can help you to work through the triggers that may be highlighted during the holiday season. For those in recovery for addiction the stress and strain can bring about urges that we thought that we already moved through. Alcohol tends to flow freely this time of year, as people find it is more “acceptable” to drink and also use drugs recreationally. Whether it’s drinks at office parties or family parties, temptations to ‘use’ or ‘drink’ as an excuse to deal with the stress of the season – temptations are all around. Beachwood is safe environment and our program will help you to refocus your energy and gain skills and tools that will help you to cope with triggers. You will discover a deeper level of understanding the underlying problems that may bring about the threat of derailing recovery.

Beachwood will renew the way you see the holidays. For individuals and their families that are dealing with addiction, the holidays can bring up so many resentments – reliving disappointments of the past year, maybe even years past. That negativity can escalate and lead to even more negative and dysfunctional behaviour. Instead of having the season be a time to dread and regret, transform it into a time of change and renewal.

Beachwood will integrate you into a therapeutic community that will prevent isolation. We are relational beings and individuals in recovery need support especially during the holiday season. For some individuals their family may not be the healthy support they need or for a various number of reasons those loved ones are not present during the holiday season. Beachwood provides a therapeutic community of like minded individuals that understand recovery and its challenges. Our community program is full of fun activities that will enhance your recovery and take it to the next level. We see every interaction as a therapeutic opportunity.

Having time away to come to Beachwood is easier during holidays. Refocusing on your recovery in the holidays is the best time – if not for an emotional reason, than for a very logical reason. Most people can plan time away from work during the holidays more easily. With Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day typically holidays for most businesses, it’s less time away from work.

The holiday’s by the beach- Beachwood is located on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney. It is surrounded by the ocean and nature with lots of healthy and fun activities to offer in a therapeutic community. Access to so many resources close by will motivate you to look holistically at your recovery, try new activities, make new connections and feel a sense of renewal for 2017.
Come and discover a safe and compassionate environment at Beachwood and experience the holidays differently this year.

Let this holiday season be a time for hope and progression in your recovery.

Call 1800 063 332 and ask for the Beachwood Manager or email beachwood@southpacificprivate.com.au