New Year, Next Step in your Recovery

The New Year is generally a time when we generally reflect on what things we would like to achieve in the New Year and how we can better ourselves, our health and our relationships with others. Recovery is a life long journey that gives us the gift of constant progression and evolution. Here are some areas that we can focus on in enhancing our recovery in the New Year.

1. Regular exercise

Do you want to step up the exercise in the New Year? Or try something completely new?

Scheduling time every day to incorporate exercise into your daily routine is essential, it will help you to stay on track in recovery and will release those happy hormones that can really help our mood and general well being. Exercise also motivates us to achieve in other areas of our life. Regular exercise can also improve our focus, concentration and determination to keep recovery progressing. Variety in your exercise routine will help you to keep going and avoid becoming bored often leading to a return to old patterns of behaviour.

2. Healthy eating

Did you over indulge over the holiday season? Do you want to refocus on mindful and moderate eating in the New Year?

Generally in the New Year we are bombarded with advertisements of the newest diet that will help you rapidly lose weight or become the healthy you in no time!! This unfortunately is not reality, be cautious of any fad diets that may be out there as the new ‘it’ or ‘best ever’ diet, remember consistency and moderation are the key for long term success in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. It is not just about achieving any goals we may have set for ourselves it is our relationship with food and lifestyle that is an essential component to enhancing recovery. Try to find enjoyment in healthy eating, involve your loved ones and friends when preparing meals, attend a cooking class, give yourself time in the week to prepare for meals and make it a part of  your recovery routine. You can derive fun and pleasure from healthy eating!

3. Mindfulness, meditation & journaling

Did the overwhelm of the holiday season leave you feeling disconnected? Do you want to enhance your spirituality and connections with self for the New Year?

Mindfulness, meditation & journaling are essential components in maintaining recovery and to keep you grounded. They help us to gain clarity, calm the monkey mind and they will help us to get the most out of any therapy we may be partaking in.

There are so many different styles of meditation, mindfulness and journaling so be brave any explore the ones that may work for you they are such powerful tools in early recovery. Feeling grounded can help us feel connected to our true self and higher power that can help us to deal with all that lives throws at us our recovery journey.

4. Professional Support

Have your weekly therapy appointment started do dwindle coming to the end of the year? Have you been putting of that medical appointment? The New Year can be a good time to reach out for professional support and to take the time to look after our health needs.

Continuing to seek professional support is essential in our recovery, they are trained and there to work within your best clinical interest. So stick to your booked appointments and honour yourself the time to seek professional support, it will enhance your recovery journey into discovering your truth. If you have been putting off that overdue health check make the appointment, avoiding can be a block in our recovery in picking up those old patterns of behaviour. Be the healthiest you can be and all the components of recovery will feel more manageable day by day.

5. 12 Step Fellowships and Peer Support

Did you miss some of your regular 12 step meeting attendance or support group over the holiday season? Do you want to try a new support group in the New Year?

Peer support is essential for recovery, this can be friends, family, and peers in 12 step fellowships or other support groups. Making conscious contact and staying in touch regularly will help to make us accountable for our recovery. Having peer support can help to break the cycle of despair, isolation, and old unhelpful ways of thinking. Knowing someone else has been there and experienced the difficulties can help us to carry on in our recovery. Using the principles of the 12 step program can help us to progress in recovery and also is great guidance for how to live. Getting a sponsor, co-sponsor or even a temporary sponsorship through the 12-step fellowships helps us to work the steps and to feel connected and integrate in a rich network of support.

If any of this sounds familiar or rings true you might want to consider a stay at Beachwood.

Beachwood recovery support encourage a holistic and integrated approach to recovery this includes daily group therapy, workshops, peer support group and 12 step meetings. Mindfulness, nutrition and exercise are also key for ongoing health and well being.

The Beachwood house has a Zen room dedicated to meditation, mindfulness and journaling knowing this is an important component of recovery and wellbeing.

Having a dedicated team to support you means that Beachwood can support residents to stay on track and establish a strong recovery routine giving you choice, autonomy and responsibility in your recovery.


To find out more call 1800 063 332 or email beachwood@southpacificprivate.com.au