Programs for Families, Partners & Carers


In the 20+ years since South Pacific Private opened its doors, we’ve supported more than 9000 families.

We recognise how painful it can be when a loved one is struggling with an addiction or a mental health concern such as depression.

Often friends and family members have spent a long time trying to “make” the person they care about address the problems, get treatment or to change. This can be draining for everyone and creates stress and tension within the family.

South Pacific Private provides a number of support options for family members and carers and we hope that the information on this page helps your family to be better informed about available options.

Please consider the options on this page for your benefit and that of your family.


The Family Education and Support Group is for people who want to know more about addiction (such as treatment for alcoholism or drug abuse) and mental illness such as depression, anxiety or trauma-related conditions. It can also help you to support your loved one or family member into Recovery.

At South Pacific Private we believe that the more informed you are, the easier it is to make decisions that are likely to support your friend or family member to deal with issues effectively.

The Family Education and Support Group is run by a Senior Facilitator who has years of experience supporting family members and carers to explore both the current challenges and also the underlying issues which may have fuelled the development of the problem.

Come along to the Family Education and Support Group to:

  • Learn how to effectively help someone you care about who is struggling with addictions or mood disorders
  • Find opportunity for support and discussion with other people struggling with the same problems
  • Learn more about family systems, the addictions within them and the underlying issues
  • Learn more about the South Pacific Private approach to treatment for addiction, mental illness and mood disorders

Download a flyer to register for the program or call 1800 063 332 to find out more. 


Over 90% of families who attended our Family Program in 2016 – 2018 rated the therapeutic value as excellent.

The South Pacific Private Family Program is a four-day workshop, which runs Friday – Monday (most weeks of the year) and is facilitated by a Senior Family Therapist. The program is an opportunity our clients and family members to work through communication exercises together and set some boundaries. It is also valuable for families as a whole to better understand the treatment approach used at South Pacific Private.

Together you participate in a series of psycho-educational lectures, structured exercises, and guided discussions. You are then supported in exploring the difficult and challenging issues that may not have always been addressed effectively in the past within your family system.

To better understand Family Program, please feel free to read a recent testimonial from a mum who attended the program with her daughter.

To find out more about the Family Program please contact South Pacific Private on 1800 063 332 and ask for the Client Care Team.

You can also download the Family Program flyer here for more information.

South Pacific Private is here to help when you or someone you love experiences difficulties with addictions, trauma or with mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

GAEL: The ongoing support that we offer with the Family Programs is designed to support family systems as they start to work with their new tool kit… It takes that person’s recovery to a whole different level altogether.


Find out if you have a problem

The goal of our self-tests is not to provide you with a diagnosis for yourself or for someone you care about. Instead, they are an opportunity for you to better understand how a behaviour might be impacting upon your life or the life of your family. Use these tests to enhance your awareness of what the problem might be. These tests should be answered honestly in order to provide accurate insight and are a chance for you to reflect upon the current situation.


Find out if you have a problem.
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