Children & Parent’s Programs


The Children’s Program is a prevention & intervention program for children aged 6-13 years who are affected by addiction or untreated mental illness in their family system.

The disease of addiction and the impact of mental illness in a family can harm or impact all family members. Children are particularly impacted by addiction and other mental health problems, as they watch their parents or older siblings become consumed by something that they can’t understand and, in turn, come to internalize and blame themselves for.

The seeds of addiction and mental health issues are sown in childhood.

Children are particularly impacted by problems such as addiction or mental health concerns as they don’t have the strong boundaries required or the ability to protect themselves.

This program can serve as a critical intervention in the lives of those children and to help them change their own legacies.

This program was designed both as a preventative measure for the children but also as an educational tool for their carers /parents. The programs can support families to reconnect, learn how to better communicate and most importantly, to break the cycle of addiction with which they are struggling.


The Children’s Program assists youngsters in the recovery process in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

Through understanding the disease of addiction in an age-appropriate manner, children come to see that they are not at fault, that it’s OK for them to reach out and that they are not alone. They may also experience a lot of shame and thoughts that they are not OK, or they are not worthy.

The program helps children to identify and express their feelings.

As they break their silence, children learn new skills to communicate in healthy and safe ways. They begin to unload the excess baggage of stifled emotions and problems they’ve been unknowingly carrying around.

Children are revitalized and their hearts become lighter. The program also teaches youngsters a variety of problem solving, coping and self-care tools. Children realise that they have self-care choices in how to respond to life events and it is OK to ask for help along the way.

Find out more about how you can access this program for your children by calling 1800 063 332. You can also download our Children’s Program Flyer here. 


The program is run in conjunction with a parenting program for approved parents and/or carers of the child/children. Parents/carers are responsible for the care of their child in the treatment centre outside of group sessions at all times.

Cornerstones of the program

  • Children deserve the right to their own recovery and healing
  • Children deserve to be treated with the same dignity, respect, value and worth afforded to adults
  • Children deserve to be listened to and heard
  • Children deserve the opportunity to be kids

Goals of the program

The program, through a number of carefully designed age-appropriate games and activities, will support children with undeveloped social and verbal skills to express themselves, to learn self-care concepts and to work together as a team. The goal is to sow the seeds of health and wellness and empower the children.

Children have the opportunity to:

  • Explore and express feelings in a safe and supportive environment
  • Understand addiction and co-dependency in an age appropriate way
  • Learn a variety of problem solving, coping and self-care strategies
  • Build self-esteem, self-worth, and positive feelings about themselves
  • Learn to trust themselves and others
  • Realise they are not alone
  • Simply be kids by learning to have fun in healthy ways

To find out more about the program or to find out the dates it is running please call 1800 063 332 or email info@southpacificprivate.com.auor click here for more information.

South Pacific Private is here to help when you or someone you love experiences difficulties with addictions, trauma or with mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

GAEL: The ongoing support that we offer with the Family Programs is designed to support family systems as they start to work with their new tool kit… It takes that person’s recovery to a whole different level altogether.


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