Why Family Program is at the Heart of South Pacific Private’s Program

The Cornerstone of South Pacific Private – Exciting Additions to the Family Program

We are delighted to announce that we are now in a position to start expanding the services South Pacific Private offers to family members! Since September 2016 we have been running Family Program 2 and Family Program 3  – two follow up programs for families who have already participated in our Family Program.

“The beauty of the follow up programs is that they are condensed into 3 days for FP2 and 2 days for FP3. An opportunity to revisit what has been working and what hasn’t – and to engage in new reality sharing and boundary setting,” said Gael Seymore, Day Program Manager.

Find out more about the programs here: Family Program 2 South Pacific Private Web / Family Program 3 South Pacific Private Web

Patterns of behavior in families are generational, passed down from our ancestors. Having found yourself/ your family already engaging in the services offered at Australia’s Leading Treatment Centre, so why not take every opportunity to continue the positive change?

This program is an opportunity to return to the space of family learning and development, a time to revisit communication skills and boundaries that were implemented during Family Program, to look at where family members may have returned either unconsciously or consciously, to old patterns of unhealthy behavior that may once again be enabling the less than functional behaviors of others in the family.

It’s an ongoing process – not a process with a distinct beginning and end. The more you are willing to put in to your family system, the more you will reap the rewards.

These programs provide a forum for more learning, growing and support as well as for revisiting already implemented boundaries and creating new ones. It’s an opportunity to take the time as a family to keep stripping back the unspoken layers, keep bringing out what’s hidden under the carpet, keep addressing the elephant in the room and keep working towards changing the family legacy. This is potentially the greatest gift you can ever offer to yourself and to your family.

If you are interested in learning more or immediately want to book in – given that spaces will be limited until we are facilitating this program more regularly – please contact the Day Program Client and Family Liaison Officer at SPP on 1800 063 332.

Find out more about the programs here: Family Program 2 / Family Program 3