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Beating Addiction Isn’t Enough – Recovery is the Goal

You can struggle with addiction whether you live in the White House or in any house in the suburbs or cities. 

The proof is Christopher Lawford Kennedy. Despite growing up in one of America’s most well known and influential families, he was no stranger to trauma and addiction.

At a very young age, on the heels of the assassination of his Uncle Bobby, he began using hard drugs — for 17 years. After 10 years trying to get sober, he finally did. And a lot came next — an Ivy league education, an acting career, numerous best-selling books. His recovery journey is inspiring.

In recovery for more than 30 years, Mr. Lawford campaigned tirelessly on behalf of the recovery community in both the public and private sectors.  He worked with the United Nations, the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse, The White House Office on National Drug Control Policy, and the World Health Organization.  He also consulted with Fortune 500 companies, numerous non-profit groups and treatment providers.