Want to re-charge your recovery? 

Struggling to connect with your recovery plan?

Looking for a safe place to continue your recovery journey?

Beachwood is a 10-bed recovery living house. It is the ideal setting for those who wish to have additional support in their ongoing recovery journey and in the transition from inpatient stay back into their daily lives. Beachwood will provide you with the opportunity to put your personal commitment to recovery into action. 

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The Beachwood sober living home and program encompasses compulsory daily programs where residents have a chance to continue to grow and develop their skills, engage in group therapy and continue along their recovery journey. View the space below in the interactive map.








Beachwood provides residents with greater autonomy, responsibility and guidance in their recovery. Through recovery living they are supported to integrate the skills and strategies they have learned during their inpatient stay and to practice in an environment of safety and understanding. Beachwood believes that the opportunity to practice skills in our safe, less restricted environment offers a unique opportunity for individuals to practice their recovery plan and to be better prepared for the transition back into daily life post treatment.

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A typical week at the Beachwood recovery living house includes:

  • Compulsory attendance of daily scheduled day programs Monday – Saturday including; Transitions, Relapse Prevention, Mastering Moods, Complex PTSD, Lifeskills and Primary Day.
  • Daily house meetings with Beachwood Manager
  • 1:1 meetings with Beachwood Support staff
  • Attendance of local 12 Step / other Meetings
  • Single accommodation for an agreed length of stay (minimum 7 nights stay)
  • All meals and refreshments
  • Daily Beach walks / yoga

Throughout the evenings and early mornings Mon-Fri and on Sunday, daily 12 step meeting attendance will be encouraged. Sunday Morning is also a time to spend with family or recovery friends, and will give you an opportunity to practice your new relational skills. Beachwood will provide you with the opportunity to put your personal commitment to recovery, in its most vulnerable stage, into action, with the support of staff at Australia’s Leading Treatment Centre. Research has proven that if we can surround ourselves with ongoing group and individual therapy, with 12 step meeting attendance and participation, in a safe and supportive environment, we give ourselves the best chance to make our recovery a reality. 

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Interested to become a resident of Beachwood? Complete the Beachwood Assessment Form here or read our referral information here. 

Phone: 1800 063 332 Email: Beachwood@southpacificprivate.com.au
Website: www.southpacificprivate.com.au/recoverysupport
Postal: Beachwood Manager, 24 Beach Street, Curl Curl, Sydney, NSW 2096