Russell Brand on the 12 Steps

In this somewhat ‘straight to the point’ interview with Stephen Colbert, Russell Brand explains his spin on the 12 Steps. “We are all mortal and death is coming, cruel death” – an interesting statement to engage your audience straight off the mark… but as you continue to watch, you can understand that Russell has a very light-hearted and entertaining way of using strangely inconceivable ideas or statements as very relate-able metaphors.

One quote that really stood out was “No matter the presentation of the addiction, the drive behind it is the same drive…if you can learn to understand this drive then you can have freedom (from the addiction).” Russell Brand. He goes on to explain that all of us at some point attach ourselves to temporary illusions or cling to things like ‘drowning men’, looking for a connection. It’s up to the individual how they identify and interpret their own addiction.








In his recently published book ‘Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions’ Russell explores his take on the 12 Steps. We would recommend reading the book and watching the video, as combined, they provide an incredible insight into 12 Step Recovery. Russell’s honest and transparent approach make the 12 Steps really approachable and engaging and as a result, at South Pacific Private, this book is often recommended as supportive reading for clients. Please comment and share as appropriate and feel free to contact us to share your recommended reading or viewing.