What happens in Detox? I think I need help …

What is detox?

For some, detoxing is the first step on the journey to Recovery.

Addiction is a disease with many symptoms that may affect each individual person in a unique way.

Addictive drugs and alcohol make changes to the way the brain processes emotions and regulates mood. Once a dependence on a substance has formed, withdrawal symptoms will start when the substance is then removed.

The removal of this substance is the beginning of the detox. The length of time it takes your body to detox from recreational drugs or alcohol varies depending on the drug you have become addicted to, and on your individual addiction history.

In almost all cases, an inpatient option for detoxification from substance abuse often provides the safest way of withdrawing. Medical detox is the optimal choice in helping to make withdrawal as smooth as possible for most addictive drugs and for keeping you safe.

Read our blog about detox to gain more understanding: https://southpacificprivate.com.au/family-friends/detox-the-reality-versus-the-myth/

Experiencing detoxification in a treatment centre such as South Pacific Private can also help with issues surrounding emotional dependence, as the detox environment is a supportive, drug-free environment where peer and therapist support is available 24/7.

Physical withdrawal symptoms may include:

Excessive sweating Shakiness – tremor
Sleep disturbances Insomnia
Confusion Seizures or blackouts
Increased craving for the substance(s) Agitation / irritability
Appetite disturbances Joint pains
Flu symptoms Fever
Mood swings

Detox can also be part of our full rehab program for individuals who wish to gain full recovery form alcohol dependence or drug addiction. Find out more about the programs we offer here or read testimonials about our treatment options here.

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