Providing ongoing Recovery support

We recently interviewed our Day Program Manager, Gael Seymore, about the value importance of the day program schedule facilitated by South Pacific Private. Gael shared her experience of the continuum of care provided by the facility and the positive impact that attending these programs can have in supporting recovery.

Why are day programs such an important part of the treatment planning at South Pacific Private?

We take a very tailored approach to recovery. We recognise that our inpatient stay is just the very beginning – sometimes referred to as the foundation of the treatment journey for people with addictions and or mood disorders. Evidence based research indicates that approaching recovery from all angles is essential – and our day and evening programs, combined with 12 step meetings, regular 1-1 visits with a therapist, regular online webinars and other alumni events plus a healthy lifestyle are vital.

What do the client care case managers do?

Soon after a client admits as an inpatient, a Client Care Case Manager starts working on behalf of the client to ensure they leave the facility after with a clear and structured ongoing treatment plan. The Case Manager works together with our multi- disciplinary team of Psychiatrists, GP’s, Nurses, Therapists, Counsellors and Program Managers to ensure the best possible outcome for the client post-admission. The Case Managers meet with the clients at least 3 times during their stay, supporting them every step go the way to feel confident that their treatment journey can effectively continue when they leave South Pacific Private.

How important is the support they provide?

The support the Client Care Case Managers provide is essential. Without feeling well supported when discharging, clients may well become triggered into old patterns of behaviour when they return home.

How do you ensure that the day programs recommended to patients are the best fit for their ongoing recovery support?

The recommendations of the multi-disciplinary team are reviewed regularly throughout the inpatient admission. As a client is observed by their Therapist in group therapy, or in consultation with their GP or Psychiatrist, or by nursing staff, so adjustments are made accordingly. Our individualised approach ensures the client is leaving with an ongoing treatment journey designed specifically for the individuals needs. At South Pacific Private we believe that a recovery journey starts with our inpatient program and then continues through our ongoing day and evening program options.

Can you comment on that journey?

Certainly. As mentioned, our focus on Continuing Care is immediate on admission and a lot is happening behind the scenes to meet each client’s individual needs both as an inpatient and as a day or evening program client thereafter. We have a wide range of day and evening programs so we are able to suit the needs of every single client who is recommended to and is able to participate in those programs. Part way through each day or evening program, the client’s Therapist will then meet individually with the client to discuss a further recommendation as required, on completion of the program they are currently participating in.

What are the typical challenges / barriers people face to attending day programs and what advice can you offer them?

Clients who have travelled from interstate or outlying areas of NSW are supported by their Client Care Case Manager to attend meetings, groups or therapy sessions in their area. If clients are living remotely, distance from such sessions can be a challenge for them. We like to keep in touch with these clients via our regular online webinars, our Facebook page (Pacific Recovery), our Twitter account and regular mail-outs. Clients returning to full time employment also sometimes find attending our day programs a challenge, which is why we offer some evening programs as well.

What day programs are available at South Pacific Private?

First of all we offer a Transition Program – both day and evening options. This, as its name suggests, supports our clients in the transition between an inpatient stay and returning to life in their community. The clients are able to return back to the group therapy process one session a week for seven weeks to receive support where they are being potentially triggered back into old patterns of thinking or behaving. Our Relapse Prevention Program is one evening a week for 10 weeks and again as its name suggests, this program is for people we are supporting through the process of addiction. We also facilitate a Mastering Moods Program for those with depression, anxiety and other mood disorders, a Life Skills Program for clients who need to harness some essential tools such as mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. Our Trauma Recovery group runsweekly and provides support, education and skill development for anyone with PTSD and trauma related conditions. Life Skills 2 is currently running two evenings a week. This closed 12 week program deals directly with relationship concerns and supports our clients to move beyond their childhood trauma and provides insights for recognising where patterns of behaviour are impacting their relationships. Our Changes 2 Program is another closed program for the duration of 5 consecutive days. This is an intensive experiential process for exploring current and underlying concerns, with the aim of creating positive change.

Statistically – what is the impact of Continuing Care Programs on reducing the risk of relapse?

Research from the United States indicates that an integrated and ongoing approach to recovery is essential. The journey begins with a single step though the doors of South Pacific Private and continues just one step at a time within and beyond our facility. Leader in the field of Trauma, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk states “The goal of treatment is to help people live in the present, without feeling or behaving according to irrelevant demands belonging to the past.” We recognise each of our clients as a miracle, whatever their stage of recovery. Our aim is to support each client towards their own discovery of this, one step at a time.

If you need support in your Recovery please call us 24/7 on 1800 063 332 or email info@southpacificprivate.com.au