This is My Story of Hope

Celebrating Life…This is My Story of Hope
Jennifer’s Story

I celebrated my 40th birthday this year and it’s been two years since I’ve been a patient at South Pacific Private. I’m proud to say that since that time I haven’t touched alcohol or any illicit substance.

I was a party girl throughout my twenties and took pride in being able to drink with the boys and keep up, often continuing when others had stopped. I had also worked my way through most of the harder drugs available and I was tired and miserable. My boyfriend at the time said to me in exasperation “can’t you see that alcohol has been a part of every bad thing that has happened in your life?”

I decided I would “cut down” and attempts to control my drinking began. However, there was no such thing as ‘one’ drink at social occasions. My “one” would always turn into the unstoppable.

By the age of 37 that relationship ended and his parting words were “why don’t you go to AA?” I wasn’t ready but his words planted a seed. My shameful drunken antics hit a new low and I finally realised I needed help. I couldn’t fix it myself. I called South Pacific Private and admitted on a Monday, the day after my 38th birthday.

The program gave so much insight into what was happening in my life. I had the opportunity to heal some pretty dark trauma and to gain self-awareness around my addiction. As part of the weekly schedule, there was also a bus that drove to AA & NA meetings. Although I doubted it would be useful, I went. During my first meeting a woman of a similar age was asked to share, and when she spoke, something resonated. It was exactly what I needed to hear and the foundation of my recovery was laid.

I wasn’t alone in this battle anymore. I had hope. 

The skills I learned in treatment strengthened my recovery and my relationships and they’ve enabled me to have difficult conversations and express boundaries in a healthier way. They put me on the path to Recovery and sobriety.

Being introduced to the 12 steps also gave strength in early recovery when I couldn’t see my way through the darkness. Slowly, I began to accept myself as I am, with all my imperfections.

People who come to the rooms of AA & NA have the gift of compassion. We’ve experienced desperation and can relate to those who are suffering. AA, NA & the program at South Pacific Private gave me hope for something better in my life. I learned to trust. I learned that I am not a failure and I learned that I am a lovable human being. These are the gifts of recovery I’ve received as a result of making the decision to go to South Pacific Private. I feel hope and am celebrating life.

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