Avoid Being Haunted By A Halloween Hangover

Being a mum is busy at the best of times and leaves many mums feeling exhausted.

From birthdays to Easter and Christmas, it seems there is always an event to plan for. And Halloween is no exception. Creating the perfect costume, carving pumpkins, decorating the house, trick-or-treating, parties… the pressure we put on ourselves, and not to mention the comparison to other mums, is enough for the most organised of mums to have a meltdown.

Not surprisingly, one viral photo on social media shows a child dressing up as a ‘tied mum’ for Halloween!

While research shows that teen drinking is on the decline, more and more research is being done about the increase in older women turning to alcohol. With ‘mummy juice’ now a common term, some mums are replacing a cup of tea after the school run with a glass of wine in an effort to cope with the stress.

And it doesn’t look like these mums are alone. An August 2017 study published in JAMA Psychiatry also revealed that between 2002 and 2013, the number of women who demonstrated problem drinking—this includes alcohol abuse (when it causes recurrent problems) and dependence (the inability to quit)—soared by 84 percent. High-risk drinking among women increased by 58 percent over the same period.

For whatever reason, women are drinking more and these are concerning statistics.

So what can be done? While the problem remains largely hidden, Doctors say more and more Australian mums are asking for help to cut back on alcohol. And if you’re a mum who thinks she might need some help, there’s no shame in that.

We’re not here to judge.

In stressful times, turning to alcohol can seem like a good idea, but in reality, it makes parenting all that much harder and as stressful events continue long-term, heavy alcohol consumption can not only lead to losing your driver’s license, losing your job, and having problems with relationships but can lead to medical and psychological problems and increase the risk of developing cancers, liver disease, high blood pressure, dementia…

Need some help?

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