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Admitting to a Rehab Hospital for Treatment

Admissions Process

Putting your Mental Health First … your mental health is as important as your physical health.

Just as people may require admission to hospital for assessment and treatment of their physical health problems, some people may require admission to a mental health (psychiatric) inpatient program for the assessment and treatment of their mental health problems.

If you are suffering from a mental illness or from an addiction, you may choose to admit to an inpatient program to support you and to help you to begin to recover from these problems. Admissions at South Pacific Private are voluntary – this means that you freely agree to arrive for treatment.

For many people an admission to a drug rehab for depression, anxiety, addictions or trauma is planned between themselves and their doctor or treating health care professional. For others it is the result of a person being in a crisis requiring immediate treatment to assess and manage risk and alleviate distress. South Pacific Private will talk to you and your health care professional to support your admission.

Admission to South Pacific Private happens in much the same way as admission to a general hospital. The difference is that we are treating your mental health rather than your physical health. Referral may be made by your GP or a treating psychiatrist using this simple form which you may give directly to them (hyperlink).

When we’re experiencing crisis, sometimes being in hospital is the best way to keep ourselves safe and make sure we get the level of treatment we need. It may seem overwhelming or alien as a concept, but the team at South Pacific Private will work to support you in this crisis. Many people who walk through our doors are walking through for the first time and the team here understand how much anxiety can be associated with taking that first step.

What Happens once I have Admitted?

When you have admitted at South Pacific Private the multidisciplinary team will take you through a process of administrative and then clinical admission. After that point you will go through our structured orientation process before beginning your treatment program.

Treatment planning:

Your assessment will help you and the team to develop your treatment, continuing care planning and Recovery plan, which may include ways in which to:

Manage and improve your mental health
Understand your crisis and behaviour
Identify early warning signs and triggers
Develop strategies to prevent relapse and to maintain Recovery
Understand your family system and relationships
Set goals you want to reach in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual life.
What Happens in Detox?

The length of time it takes your body to detox from recreational drugs or alcohol varies depending on the drug you have become addicted to, and on your individual addiction history.

Physical withdrawal from a chemical addiction can be a frightening and difficult experience, which is why many people opt for an inpatient program. Arriving onsite at a treatment centre for detox can be tough as it’s likely you will feel overwhelmed at this time. We understand that and our team of experienced and empathetic experts are here to support you and to try to guide you through it.

Our program supports recovery from addiction in a safe, medically-managed drug detoxification plan. Doctors and nursing staff are able to monitor overall health while the body detoxes and, if necessary, offer appropriate medication to support a more comfortable and controlled detox and recovery.

In almost all cases, an inpatient option for detoxification from substance abuse and drug abuse often provides the safest way of withdrawing. Medical detox is the optimal choice in helping to make withdrawal as smooth as possible for most addictive drugs and for keeping you safe.

Contrary to the way that detox is often presented in the media, it’s not a ‘quick fix’ where you simply get ‘dry’ and then walk away.

South Pacific Private’s program is designed to support emotional and physical recovery from an addiction. South Pacific Private is a trauma-informed therapeutic treatment centre with an emphasis on recovery, families and a multidisciplinary approach. Getting ‘dry’ is the first step on a journey towards transformation and awareness. It’s the first step towards living a life beyond your wildest dreams; unencumbered by addiction, depression, anxiety or PTSD.

Once you are physically able, you will begin attending group therapy sessions with your assigned primary therapist. These sessions offer support during your rehabilitation and recovery post-detox.

Call 1800 063 332 today to find out about an admission or email info@southpacificprivate.com.au