Crystallising the Ice Debate - What's next for Methamphetamine Use Figures?

A recent article in Hospital and Healthcare bulletin outlined the challenges that methamphetamine use presents to society.

As concern mounts nationally about the rise and spread of crystal methamphetamine, the term “Ice Epidemic” is being more and more widely used.

Statistically, it has been shown that approximately 2.5 percent of Australians aged over 14 years (around half a million people) have used methamphetamine's over the past year, compared with around 9 percent who have used cannabis and more than 4 percent who have used ecstasy.

Pressure is mounting on authorities to develop strategies and solutions to the unfolding crisis. In response, the Prime Minister Tony Abbott has initiated a national ice taskforce designed to assess the current approach to tackling methamphetamine addiction and work out how a more coordinated and comprehensive nation-wide approach can be instigated.

The Prime Minister commented, “As a citizen and as a parent I am appalled at what is happening on our streets and in our homes.”

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