Healing that Comes -02nd March 2018

Addiction is something that affects so many people in our community. Most families are touched by it, and yet, is it something that is seldom talked about openly.

This personal story of a member of our SPP community so clearly expresses the pain of living with addiction, and the healing that comes once the journey of recovery begins.

Addiction, by Anonymous

Addiction is something we should be talking about! It's not taboo and it's not something to sweep under the rug. 

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What to do on the 26th January this year? -10th January 2018

As Australia Day approaches, we find ourselves considering ways to enjoy the time with our families and friends that do not include the commonly held traditions of how to 'enjoy' the day such as sitting in the sun drinking over a barbecue or house-party or heading to a pub for some refreshment in the heat.

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New Year, Next Step in your Recovery -22nd December 2017

New Year, Next Step in your Recovery

The New Year is generally a time when we generally reflect on what things we would like to achieve in the New Year and how we can better ourselves, our health and our relationships with others. Recovery is a life long journey that gives us the gift of constant progression and evolvement. Here are some areas that we can focus on in enhancing our recovery in the New Year.

1. Regular Exercise

Do you want to step up the exercise in the New Year? Or try something completely new? 

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We need to talk -24th November 2017

We need to talk

Addiction and mental health concerns can stress a family to breaking point; impact the stability of their home, unity, physical health and finances.

Living with addictions and mental health concerns can put family members under unusual stress. Routines might be constantly interrupted by unexpected or even frightening experiences that are part of living in a family where they are the fabric of daily life.

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