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Addiction, Depression and Anxiety on the Rise -23rd January 2017

A recent article in the weekend Australiam shared how awareness of depression and anxiety is growing at a rate of knots, says Lorraine Wood, who credits this to people talking about it and accepting their own mental health condition.

Wood, 78, owns South Pacific Private on Sydney’s northern beaches, a treatment centre for people with addictions and mood disorders.








The need for help is ever growing,” she says. “By 2020, ­depression is going to be the biggest diagnosed disease in the world, and that’s what most people come in for." 

“People are talking about it now when they didn’t use to. It was our culture not to talk about it and keep a stiff upper lip, and the more you push it down, it seeps out sideways.”

The statistics are stark — ­Beyondblue figures show about one million Australian adults ­suffer from depression in any given year and more than two million have anxiety. The most common mental illnesses are ­depression, anxiety and substance use disorder.

Read the article in full here (if you are unable to access through this link please search: addiction formed basis for lorraine wood).

Print version of the article is also available here.