Self Assessment for Alcohol Addiction (Alcoholism) <br />…do I have an alcohol addiction?

Self Assessment for Alcohol Addiction (Alcoholism)
…do I have an alcohol addiction?


In our Australian culture drinking alcohol to celebrate or socialize is an accepted and everyday practice, and many people can enjoy the mood altering affects of alcohol without any negative consequences or resulting problems.

However for some people, and some families, using alcohol in moderation is just not possible. For reasons that are becoming increasingly clear though scientific study, some people have a sensitivity to alcohol that results in the development of a dependency that evolves into the disease of alcohol addiction or alcoholism.

The goal of our alcoholism test is not to provide a definitive answer as to whether you, or someone you care about, has an alcohol addiction, or is struggling with alcoholism. It is an opportunity to raise your awareness about the impact that alcohol is having on your life, or the life of someone you care about.

As you read each of the following statements take your time to think about the answer, then click on the button if you believe it applies to you. Only you will be seeing the results of this alcohol test so take the opportunity to be completely honest with yourself. To minimize or deny behaviours or consequences is one of the symptoms of addiction.

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