How to Prepare for an Alcohol Free Month

In a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald online, Program Manager Chris Mordue spoke about recognising the signs of a problem with alcohol on the cusp of Febfast.

Go without alcohol for a month and your body will smile.

When researchers at London's Royal Free Hospital studied the effects of Dry January – Britain's answer to Febfast – on 102 people last year, the news was good. These drinkers, aged in their 40s, would typically down the alcohol equivalent of 14 large-ish (175 millilitres) glasses of wine each week – but after one alcohol-free month, tests showed that their levels of insulin resistance, blood pressure and liver stiffness – a measurement of liver disease – had all dropped. They also lost weight.

"Often people take a break from alcohol at this time of year to re-energise and 'detox' but for others it can be that they suspect they have a problem – then when they try to stop it's very difficult," says Chris Mordue, program manager at South Pacific Private Hospital which treats problems with dependence on alcohol and other drugs.

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