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Self-worth and Self-Esteem webinar

In this recent webinar from South Pacific Private we addressed the importance of building self-worth as a vital step on the road to recovery.

The first step taken involves awareness of an inner voice which criticises and compares and has negative connotations. It is vital to stop comparing yourself to others and evaluating your every move; in other words, you need to challenge your inner voice.

This internal dialogue undermines our sense of self-worth and can even leads to damaging, self-destructive or maladaptive behaviors, which make us feel even worse about ourselves. These behaviours / walls might be there to 'protect us' but in fact they are far more likely to have the opposite effect. This webinar will teach you how to challenge your inner critic and to begin to see yourself for who you really are. This webinar will help you to begin to differentiate from the ways we were seen in our family of origin and begin to understand and appreciate our own feelings, thoughts, desires and values.

View the recorded webinar here

Raising Awareness about Mental Health - 2GB

As part of Mental Health Week 2015, Dr. Ben Teoh, Medical Superintendant for South Pacific Private, was interviewed about Wake Up Australia with Michael McLaren.

Michael and Ben discussed the myriad of issues faced by those suffering from mental health concerns. They also spoke positively, affirming society's growing understanding and acceptance of mental health issues.

One of the goals of Mental Health Week is to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and this interview shares insights into how and why we can make that happen as well as what's required to continue to improve to raise awareness.

Listen to the interview in full here

APRIL 2015: A Refresher on the 12 Steps

Last night, South Pacific Private's Program Director Steve Stokes presented about steps four to seven in the 12 Step philosophy and provide guidance, knowledge and experience in relation to them.

These steps include:

4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

5.Admitted to God (as we understand him), to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

6. We're entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

7. Humbly asked him to remove our shortcomings.

Listen to the webinar here 

Christmas in Recovery Webinar - One Day at a time

We know that recovering from mental illness and/or addictions is all about learning a new way of living.

Never is this truer than over the festive period.

Its a time of many firsts; first christmas, first new years eve, first large family gathering and so one.

Recovery is one step at a time and this free webinar will support you ahead of this potentially triggering and challenging period.

NB: The content of this webinar is educational and not therapeutic in nature. 

Listen to the webinar here

Managing Relationships in Recovery

The Program Director for South Pacific Private recently presented on how to manage your interpersonal and family relationships in recovery.

This webinar is a great educational platform for those wanting to to learn how to continue to share their realities and boundaries successfully and in a regulated way post treatment and throughout their Recovery journey. LISTEN AND VIEW

Mental Health and Elite Athletes

At the Recent Sports Medicine Australia Conference, Steve Stokes (Program Director for SPP) presented about our ongoing relationship with RUPA and the importance of addressing mental health issues within the sporting industry and its impact on the players well being as well as their performance. View the presentation here. 

Stress and Resilience in the Workplace

In July 2014, Steve Stokes, Program Director for South Pacific Private gave a presentation at a business conference specific to Stress and Resilience in the Workplace. Steve was able to share insights into how best to manage stress whilst at work and offer practical advice and tips on how to recognise signs of unhealthy coping mechanisms to stress.

See the presentation here.

Stages of Recovery

This recent webinar focused upon the stages of Recovery, common triggers and how to recognise them. LISTEN

Shame and Recovery Webinar

Shame is the trademark of dysfunctional families. Listen to this recent webinar to learn more about the signs of shame, the types of shame binds and how to deal with shame in Recovery. LISTEN

Just one Glass of Wine...

In this recent article in the Daily Telegraph the question is raised about reaching for a glass of wine habitually as a source of 'relaxation' or 'time-out'. SEE the article here.

Chronic Pain and Addiction

In this recent presentation, Dr Ben Teoh, Psychiatrist & Physician in Addiction Medicine & Medical Superintendent South Pacific Private addresses these issues, the challenges and how Chronic Pain relates to Addiction. Watch here


Drinking and the Older Generation - April 2016

An article published in today's Daily Telegraph and Adelaide Now revealed that the over 50s are challenging teenagers as Australia’s worst problem drinkers and symptoms of their addiction are being mistaken as the signs of old age.

Historically a lot of attention has been given by the media, educators and public awareness campaigns to issues of drinking and drug misuse in the ‘younger’ generation. However, recent figures have indicated that the direction of this attention may actually need to be turned towards the older generation and our seniors.

Opiates and Prescription - A National Problem

In a recent article on About Pain News, it was reported that opioid painkiller overdoses in the USA have lept to an all time high.

According to the data referenced in this article - there is a worrying trend of Australia following suit. Last year in the USA over 18,000 people fatally overdosed on prescription narcotic painkillers, as stated in the National Centre for Health Statistics report. This is higher than the national average reported between 2010 - 2013 of 16,453 annually.

Dealing with Grief

The reality is we live in a Western world that lacks openness and discourages v

How to Prepare for an Alcohol Free Month

In a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald online, Program Manager Chris Mordue spoke about recognising the signs of a problem with alcohol on the cusp of Febfast.

Go without alcohol for a month and your body will smile.

Discovering Beauty in the Wreckage of Addiction

The Story of Lorraine Wood began centuries ago as the multi-generational disease of alcoholism weaved its way through the generations of not only her family, but also of her husband, Bill’s family as well.

Growing up in a home with alcohol abuse by both parents didn’t give her the skills to deal with them or the feelings she had about their drinking. Issues went unaddressed, and in the tradition of marrying someone like one of your parents – or the complete opposite – she married a man who was also an alcoholic.

Rising demand for help with alcohol and drug problems

In a recent interview with the Manly Daily, General Manager South Pacific Private, Claire Barber stated, “the truth is that we are seeing an increase in demand for our services." She continued, “it’s so important that we provide treatment for people suffering with addiction and mental health concerns and we want to be able to provide that care for people locally and further afield.”

South Pacific Private is growing its bed capacity in 2016 in order to accomodate the aforementioned demand.

It's Time to Focus on Recovery

Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is now widely recognised as a journey that takes place over time and in a multitude of ways that reflect personal circumstances, supports and resources.

Australian Life in Recovery Survey Compares Results to USA Demographic

The Australian Life in Recovery Survey, conducted by Professor David Best of Sheffield Hallam University and Turning Point in partnership with South Pacific Private, is the largest survey of its kind in Australia.

This survey provides an important first glimpse into the lives of people in recovery through comparisons of key domains of life and wellbeing during active addiction and after seeking recovery.

Additionally, comparisons are drawn to the U.S. version of the survey sponsored by Faces & Voices of Recovery.

More Recovery Less Rhetoric Says Government News
A national addiction to scaremongering drug rhetoric and fighting “the war on drugs” stigmatises drug addicts and reduces their chances for recovery, says a Victorian drug and alcohol researcher, in the wake of the publication of the first in-depth Australian study on what life is like for recovering addicts.
APRIL '15: South Pacific Private and Dr. Ben Teoh to Host Ice Education Event

A Curl Curl hospital will host a public education evening on ice addiction in response to a jump in the number of patients seeking help because of the drug.

South Pacific Private says that while alcohol and cannabis account for most substance abuse cases it sees in the 37-bed facility, more people struggling with methamphetamine are wanting treatment.

NOV 2014 - Sports Medicine Australia

Sometimes the Hardest Thing is asking for Help

South Pacific Private’s role in recognising, assessing & providing treatment for addictions & mental health challenges

We need to talk...

A recent article in Penninsula Living Magazine discussed the 'need to talk'. It featured a number of contributors all focused on mental health awareness month and recommended that we be 'mindful of mental health'.

Childhood Trauma and Addiction

In a recent article in the Manly Daily Lorraine Wood comments on the rise in enquiries received as a result of press surrounding the court cases of Rolf Harris and others in relation to childhood trauma. READ here

Treatment for Ice Addiction

A recent article in Latte Life newspaper focused on the impact ice addiction had on young olympic hopeful Marnie WIlliams. South Pacific Private's Medical Superintendent, Dr. Ben Teoh, commented on the treatment process for ice addiction. Read here.

Depression in Sport - Recognising the Signs

Elite athletes need more support and psychological care throughout the entirety of their career to better manage depression according to leading sports medicine and sport psychology experts.

South Pacific Private - Smoke Free

South Pacific Private successfully tackles nicotine dependence in 2013. Research has shown that smoking complicates and exacerbates mental illness and its treatment - read this article to find out more. READ

Alcoholism in Ageing Australia

Rev. Crews, 2GB, hears from Claire Barber, CEO, South Pacific Private Hospital, on treatment options for the increasing number of older Australians abusing alcohol. 

August 2013

Mental health and substance abuse disorders leading cause of non-fatal illness worldwide WATCH