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Rising from the Embers of Financial Risk Addiction -11th January 2017

A recent article on ANZ featured an interview and video with Lorraine Wood, Co-Founder and Owner of South Pacific Private. The interview focuses on her recovery from significant financial debt in the wake of her husband’s death.

'My financial journey' is a series from ANZ Women on how Australian women have overcome obstacles to take charge of their finances.

At the age of 62, Lorraine Wood had to extract herself from a $7 million debt, following the unexpected death of her life (and business) partner: not being afraid to seek advice and make tough choices helped her through it.

Wood became a shareholder in and part-owner of a portfolio of investments and enterprises, including a successful Sydney real-estate agency, after getting together with her late husband Bill in 1978.

In 1993, the pair established South Pacific Private, an addiction and mental-health hospital on Sydney’s northern beaches which, since opening, has treated more than 7000 patients.

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