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Exploring Relational Dynamics -30th March 2017

Supporting Patients to Explore Relational Dynamics and Adult Dysfunctional Behaviour: South Pacific Private’s Changes Program

South Pacific Private’s Changes Program is a 5-day intensive workshop that supports clients to explore in-depth, the origin of much adult dysfunctional behaviour. This workshop is both educational and experiential. The participant learns to identify some of the relational dynamics in the family they grew up in and how they have been impacted by these dynamics. They will learn to recognise emotions that accompany unresolved problematic experiences from the past and explore ways to work through the grief, pain and shame to find healing and happiness.

We are pleased to announce that Changes is now being offered as a stand-alone one week closed day program, rather than only being available as it has in the past, as part of our recommended inpatient stay.

Whilst there are specific criteria for admission, we are confident that your clients/ patients will benefit greatly from this wonderful opportunity to work through their childhood trauma in a safe and supported environment.

One pre-requisite for participation in Changes as a day program is for your client to have been committed to working with you and possibly other professionals for a significant period and that they are specifically referred to the Changes Program by you.

We will engage in initial conversation with you regarding your referred client to ensure the timing is appropriate in your client’s recovery and to discuss other preliminary criteria. This conversation will take place prior to our complimentary phone assessment and approval process for your client.

If you would like to refer or recommend a patient for our Changes Program please call the Day Program Manager, Gael Seymore at South Pacific Private on 1800 063 332.