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Beachwood Offers Unique Opportunity for Continuing Care -16th March 2017

Beachwood Offers Unique Opportunity for Continuing Care

In 2016, adjacent to our expansion project, South Pacific Private began to trial alternative support services. One of these trials was a ten bed house, Beachwood. This residential setting provides access to services that those located interstate or in remote regional areas would otherwise not have.

Anyone is able to apply for a residential stay at Beachwood. Beachwood gives residents the opportunity to put their recovery / mental health and wellbeing first.

Beachwood Recovery Living provides people with the opportunity to practice skills and tools in a safe environment whilst engaging in treatment service options. The programs that Beachwood residents attend are tailored to their individual treatment needs so that they can access the programs best suited to them.

Now one year in, South Pacific Private are delighted to share that Beachwood will become a permanent fixture and that, in its first year, it has supported nearly 100 individuals in their continuing care. The average stay has equated to two weeks of residence before their return to community services, therapy or other services.

The Beachwood team consists of a Beachwood Manager who is responsible for the general day to day running of Beachwood and also liaises with residents to make sure they settle quickly into the therapeutic community. The team also consists of Beachwood Support Workers who are trained counsellors and are available onsite 24/7/. The support workers are there to support residents as needed throughout their Beachwood stay.

As Beachwood is a smaller group setting the support workers can allocate time for 1:1 support of the residents whilst also promoting cohesion and on-going recovery work within the therapeutic community. The Beachwood team are passionate about helping residents to get the most out of their stay at Beachwood as their ongoing participation and engagement are paramount to their continual long term recovery and mental health. 

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