Drinking and the Older Generation - April 2016

An article published in today's Daily Telegraph and Adelaide Now revealed that the over 50s are challenging teenagers as Australia’s worst problem drinkers and symptoms of their addiction are being mistaken as the signs of old age.

Historically a lot of attention has been given by the media, educators and public awareness campaigns to issues of drinking and drug misuse in the ‘younger’ generation. However, recent figures have indicated that the direction of this attention may actually need to be turned towards the older generation and our seniors.

According to two significant studies there is cause for concern and a need for greater transparency around alcohol use in the over 50s age range. The first study evidenced that middle aged and older men are making up an alarming proportion of alcohol-related ambulance attendance figures. In this study, according to Turning Point, men aged 50-59 have had the highest rates of alcohol related ambulance attendances since 2012 – 2013 (in Victoria) and also that these attendance figures are trending upwards in the 60+ range too. The study was based on Ambulance Victoria’s data and clearly highlights that excessive alcohol consumption and misuse is not reserved for the younger partying generation on a Saturday night.

In fact, the research showed that – contrary to what we might expect – that ambulance attendances related to alcohol in men are higher in the 40+ range than in the 15-39 range.

A statistic that might surprise many.

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