Day Programs

Day Programs and Ongoing Recovery Support

South Pacific Private offers treatment programs and pathways tailored to meet the individual needs of clients. People come to us with varying concerns including mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, and addiction issues such as substance abuse or gambling.

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Our specialised programs are designed to address these concerns in a holistic and comprehensive way by providing assessment, collaborative treatment planning and a structured treatment journey, including multidisciplinary review and aftercare support. South Pacific Private offers psychiatric, medical, nursing and specialised psychotherapeutic treatment in a range of programs in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Day and Evening Programs:

South Pacific Private Day and Evening Programs are designed to support clients who are functioning well enough in their day-to-day lives to be able to remain in their home environment while seeking treatment. They also provide the ideal ongoing recovery support for alumni who have graduated from our Inpatient Program. 

There are a range of programs offering an alternative to the core inpatient program, and also continuing care for clients after they have completed the Inpatient Program.

Current day programs include:

·         Mastering Moods

·         Transition Day / Transition Evening

·         Relapse Prevention

·         PTSD

·         Changes 2

·         Lifeskills

·         Lifeskills 2

·         Family Program

·         Family Education and Support Group

Please download our flyer detailing all current programs. Held one day or evening per week these programs generally run from either 6-9:30pm or from 10am – 4pm. The programs are designed to target specific concerns such as mood disorders as well as relapse prevention and more.

All clients are offered a free comprehensive assessment by our experienced Intake team. Either face to face, or over the phone, the Assessment Officer will explore the current issues and the crisis that has motivated you to reach out for help.

As they gain an holistic understanding of your presenting problems and life situation, they will make treatment recommendations designed to support you in in addressing the issues comprehensively and effectively with the aim of helping you get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

Are there any local accommodation options available for day program clients or family members? 

There are and South Pacific Private can recommend these options in and around the local area. Please see South Pacific Private's alternative accommodation recommendations here  You can also search locally for Air BNB options or Stayz options. 

You can also email if you have any further questions regarding accommodation.