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South Pacific Private Blogs

Meet the Team - Bianca Gill, Beachwood Manager -12th August 2016

Bianca is the manager of Beachwood, she is there to make sure that the Beachwood program runs smoothly for residents and that their stay at Beachwood is enjoyable. She also collaborates with a range of multi-disciplinary staff members, to make sure that residents have the most comprehensive treatment recommendations for their individual recovery.  Here’s a little about herself and her thoughts on Beachwood and the journey of recovery:

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Celebrating the Completion of our Expansion Project -11th August 2016

We are only a few short weeks away from the completion of our expansion project.

As we enter the final phase of our expansion project, we find ourselves on the precipice of a truly inspiring time at South Pacific Private. A new beginning is dawning and we are truly grateful for the place at which we find ourselves; newly refurbished and built patient bedrooms, nurse’s station, lecture halls, group rooms, dining room, balcony and staff room.

The team is really excited to be drawing near to the end of our expansion project and to have the opportunity to showcase it.

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Beating Addiction Isn't Enough -11th August 2016

You can struggle with addiction whether you live in the White House or in any house in the suburbs or cities. 

The proof is Christopher Lawford Kennedy. Despite growing up in one of America's most well known and influential families, he was no stranger to trauma and addiction.

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