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Long-term Recovery and Staying Honest -07th September 2017

Honesty in Recovery – Staying in your Integrity

In Narcotics Anonymous they state, “The three indispensable principles for Recovery are Honesty, Open-mindedness and Willingness”, of which honesty comes first.

The only way to truly give you the best chance in Recovery is to be honest.

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Children, Addiction and a Family Legacy -07th September 2017

In May 2017, South Pacific Private was proud to launch our inaugural Children’s and Parent’s programs. These programs have long been the dream of our owner and 
co-founder, Lorraine Wood, and it was a significant moment in South Pacific Private’s history to see this dream come into fruition.

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World Mental Health Day - It Begins with Me -07th September 2017

We need to talk

Addiction and mental health concerns can stress a family to breaking point; impact the stability of their home, unity, physical health and finances.

Living with addictions and mental health concerns can put family members under unusual stress. Routines might be constantly interrupted by unexpected or even frightening experiences that are part of living in a family where they are the fabric of daily life.

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Challenging Core Beliefs -07th September 2017

Challenging your Core Beliefs

What are your core beliefs? They are widely accepted as the internal belief system that forms the foundation of your sense of ‘you’. Or put more simply, they explain the mystery of who you are.

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