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Alcohol Addiction and Taking the First Step -05th July 2016

Due to alcohol being legal in Australia drinking has firmly been entrenched in our culture. Countless amounts of people are able to enjoy the mood altering affects of alcohol without the negative consequences or resulting in problems. However for some people, and some families, using alcohol in moderation is just not possible. Many of these people whose drinking is out of hand have a hard time admitting they have a problem.

Development of an addiction often is raised by 3 stages:

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Supporting You and Your Family -10th June 2016

Supporting Improved Family Education & Support

Addiction and mental health concerns are family diseases that can stress the family to breaking point, impact the stability of the home, the family's unity, mental health, physical health, finances, and the overall family system.

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Rising Trends in Alcohol Misuse in 50+ Generation -08th April 2016

An article published in today's Daily Telegraph and Adelaide Now revealed that the over 50s are challenging teenagers as Australia’s worst problem drinkers and symptoms of their addiction are being mistaken as the signs of old age.

Historically a lot of attention has been given by the media, educators and public awareness campaigns to issues of drinking and drug misuse in the ‘younger’ generation. However, recent figures have indicated that the direction of this attention may actually need to be turned towards the older generation and our seniors.

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