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When Your Partner Has An Addiction - Book Review -10th November 2016

When Your Partner Has An Addiction

by Christopher Kennedy Lawson and Beverly Engel (Review by Gael Seymore, Day Program Manager, South Pacific Private)

It would be rare in today’s world to meet a family that is not impacted in some way, large or small, by an addiction of some description - or other mental health concern. Family members can become desperate, stressed, anxious and indeed mentally addicted themselves - to “the addict” or “unwell person” in their family.

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Reach Out Today - South Pacific Private is Here to Help -04th October 2016

At South Pacific Private, relationships are really important to us. Our vision is to be a beacon of hope for all people, and their families, who are suffering from addictions and mental illness. Our mission is to bring hope, health and happiness to troubled people, through our expertise in the holistic treatment of addictions and mental illness, by changing lives and healing families.

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