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Tackling Nicotine Dependence and Addiction -24th November 2017

In 2008 the multi-disciplinary team at South Pacific Private made the clinical decision for the hospital to committ to being smoke-free. This decision was made across the board and applied to clients at the hospital but also to staff. South Pacific Private is proud to be smoke-free and September 1st 2017 marked the ninth anniversary since the transition. 
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We need to talk -24th November 2017

We need to talk

Addiction and mental health concerns can stress a family to breaking point; impact the stability of their home, unity, physical health and finances.

Living with addictions and mental health concerns can put family members under unusual stress. Routines might be constantly interrupted by unexpected or even frightening experiences that are part of living in a family where they are the fabric of daily life.

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This is My Story of Hope -24th November 2017

Celebrating Life…This is My Story of Hope
Jennifer’s Story
I celebrated my 40th birthday this year and it's been two years since I've been a patient at South Pacific Private. I'm proud to say that since that time I haven’t touched alcohol or any illicit substance.
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