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A Winter Warmer - Recipe for Recovery -11th July 2018


In order to maintain a healthy recovery from an addiction you must pay attention to several things including your emotional, mental, and physical health; this includes your nutritional intake. By eating healthily, you are giving your body the essential vitamins and minerals that it requires.

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Living with Anxiety -11th July 2018

Identifying Anxiety and what it Means Day to Day

Many people experience periods of anxiety when they are under stress, or going through major changes, such as moving home or jobs.  For the majority of us anxiety plays out by worrying about what may or may not happen, feeling tense, irritable and reactive. It can cause you to feel tired and have difficulty relaxing and/or sleeping as you struggle to deal with challenging life experiences.

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Abstinence and Recovery - A True Story -11th July 2018

We live in an exciting time in addictions treatment. Never before have we had so much scientific data supporting the abstinence approach. The neurobiology of addiction information has alerted practitioners globally to something that the 12 steppers have known for years; that the 12 Steps combined with good psychotherapy, cannot only stop a person from using; it can give them and their family a quality of life that was once unimaginable.

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Recovery from step at a time -11th July 2018

My Journey from Ice Addiction to Recovery

My name is Russell and I am a recovering crystal meth / ice addict. I have been to SPP three times. My first stay was eight years ago. I had little idea how ill I was on my first admission. I came to the front door with a $500 a day Ice addiction and a small mountain of pot habit to try and get me somewhere close to sleep each evening.

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