Discovering Beauty in the Wreckage of Addiction

The Story of Lorraine Wood began centuries ago as the multi-generational disease of alcoholism weaved its way through the generations of not only her family, but also of her husband, Bill’s family as well.

Growing up in a home with alcohol abuse by both parents didn’t give her the skills to deal with them or the feelings she had about their drinking. Issues went unaddressed, and in the tradition of marrying someone like one of your parents – or the complete opposite – she married a man who was also an alcoholic.

The difference for Lorraine was that he was already sober one year before we met. He was a shining example of the success of AA’s 12 Step Program. But there was a downside that became evident when he stopped attending meetings. It’s called Dry Drunk Syndrome.

The recovering alcoholic isn’t drinking, but the lack of support that meetings provide means they exhibit symptoms as if they were drinking.

This happened to Bill.

He became full of self-pity, displayed passive-aggressive behavior and instead of healthy boundaries, he put up walls.

When this happened, Lorraine was no longer taking good care of myself. Work addiction was a big issue for her and she became extremely stressed and suffered migraines on an almost daily basis. They realised that they couldn’t go on like this.

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