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April 2014

What is this thing called addiction? -11th April 2015

Ask a politician what addiction is and you will likely have a response that includes the term “self-inflicted problem”. Ask a member of the general community what addiction is and you may hear remarks about people taking drugs for the sake of it. Ask a health professional about addiction and you are likely to have a variety of responses. You may be greeted with “Oh I don’t deal with those sort of problems”.

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Another Chance at Life -08th April 2014

This month, SPP was delighted to have a chance to chat with a former patient of South Pacific Private who is this year celebrating his 17th year clean and in Recovery. “As a former patient of South Pacific Private in 1996 I would like to recommend their program and thank all of their wonderful staff. When I left I was well on my way to Recovery and am happy to report that I have been clean and sober ever since. In fact, I am soon to celebrate my 17th birthday of years clean since my time at South Pacific Private.

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Good Grief - Is there such a thing? -08th April 2014

Recently my family suffered the tragic loss of my mother in law, who sadly fell down some stairs at my Husband’s 50th birthday party.  She was a fit and energetic lady, who sadly never regained consciousness after the fall. This has been a shocking time and a period of grief that was so raw and painful, words cannot convey.

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