Alumni Resources

The road to recovery from addictions, mental illness, and trauma related conditions begins with the type of treatment our clients experience at South Pacific Private. But, as they say: Recovery is a journey not a destination.

It is vital that when the going gets tough after discharge, you have all the resources and supports in place, and easily accessible, to help you stay on track.

Healing from any of these conditions takes time, commitment, resilience, and as much support as you can muster! Read a past patient's personal story of recovery and healing here

We have gathered a list of resources that may help support you on this amazing journey of healing:
1) Refer to your SPP Inpatient Materials:

 Watch this video from a past client who explains the role of Fred :

2) Continuing Care / Day Programs:

The following programs are all available as part of South Pacific Private’s continuing care.  Please refer to your individual treatment plan for your recommendations, or contact the Intake department at any time to discuss your continuing care requirements

To find out more about current day programs please click here.

3) Recovery Support Services:

Library of Alumni Webinars:

Dealing with Shame in Recovery Webinar: Listen to the webinar here

How to rebuild relationships in Recovery: Listen to the webinar here

Christmas in Recovery: Listen to the webinar here

Relapse Prevention and Management: Listen to the webinar here

An introduction to the first three steps - 12 step refresher:  Listen to the webinar here

Sharing my Realitry Webinar - Modelling Boundaries and Containment: Listen to the Webinar here

A refresher on the 12 Steps - Steps 4-7: LIsten to the webinar here

Make your recovery a reality: LIsten to the webinar here

Introduction to Anxiety and Depression - Mastering Moods - Listen to the webinar here

A refresher on the 12 Steps - Steps 8-10: Listen to the webinar here

Life Skills in Recovery: Watch the webinar here

A refresher on the 12 steps - Steps 11-12: Watch the webinar here

The 12 Promises and Gifts of Recovery - Watch the webinar here

Recovery in the Real World: Watch the webinar here

Self- Esteem and Self-Worth - You are worth it - Watch the webinar here

Complex PTSD - Surviving and Thriving: Watch the webinar here

Defining the Impact of Developmental Trauma and Outlining the Road to Recovery: Watch the webinar here

Longer Term Recovery and the Recovery Zone: Watch the webinar here

4) Stay in Touch with SPP:

There are a number of ways you can stay connected as an alumni of South Pacific Private. We have developed a number of support options to be of value in your Recovery journey. 

 - Sign up to receive Pacific Connections, your free quarterly newsletter with updates on the alumni community and events, as well as items of interest for everybody in Recovery.  Sign up here: 

- Read past Alumni newsletters here

- Like SPP on Facebook and keep updated with news and events, as well as motivational thoughts and affirmations

- Follow SPP on Twitter 

- Follow SPP on You Tube

- Download our list of social media resources for your reference

5) Finding Professional Support / Fellowships:

  • Visit our 12 Step Information page here for links to various 12 Step organisations. This can be especially helpful if you need meeting information at a location you're unfamiliar with.
  • You can also read one man's personal story of his 12 step journey here.
  • Find a therapist that you feel comfortable with.  Call our Continuing Care Coordinator for help finding a professional in your area.
  • Reach out when you need help, especially if you feel you are in crisis.  Visit our Phone and Online Resources page here for a range of support lines in each state.

6) Recommended & Ongoing Reading / Booklist:

Please find a complete list of all recommended reading materials approved and shared by SPP's clinical team. Read and download it here

You may also enjoy reading Lorraine Wood's, our founder and CEO's, recommended booklist. 

7) Recommended APP List for Recovery Support:

Please find a complete list of all recommended phone apps approved and shared by SPP's clinical team. Read and download it here.