South Pacific Private specializes in the integrated and holistic treatment of alcohol addiction and alcohol dependence. 

The Questions:

  • Where do we go?
  • What do I do?
  • How do I get them into treatment?
  • How do I get treatment without losing my job, family, friends?

The Answers:

Whether your concern is for yourself, or someone you care about, treatment for alcohol addiction and alcohol dependence has already begun for you!


Alcohol Addiction Treatment


Step One: Learn about the problem

By taking the time to seek out this information, and read it, you are already engaged in the first step toward recovery from alcohol addiction – facing the disease head on and letting go of the denial around the problematic role that alcohol plays in your life, or the life of someone you care about.

Often this will have been the hardest, longest and most painful step of them all. You may have been on a long journey, full of difficult and painful experiences, to get you to the point that you are reading this page. You have done well to get here!

Congratulations - the journey into recovery has already begun, though it may not feel that way!

Taking that first step in acknowledging that there may be a problem is often the darkness before the dawn.

Step two: Seek professional assessment, advice & support

Recovery from alcohol addiction, and the impact it has on all those around them, is not something to undertake on your own.

A feature of the problem is that you will have tried to deal with it on your own for a long time before seeking help with limited success.

Reaching out to talk about the problem with people who specialize in the treatment of alcohol problems is the next step.

To make this step as easy as we can, SPP offers a free comprehensive assessment during which the issues are discussed either face to face or over the phone, and you learn about the treatment options and resources.

The Family Education and Support Group

Families are often so willing to do anything they can to help the person they care about who is caught in the grip of alcohol addiction! Addictions impact the whole family - that is one of the reasons residential treatment is so effective as it gives space to both the client and their family, to focus on healing themselves, and working out how best to go forward.

By the time people find their way to us at SPP they are usually exhausted by the cycle of despair that accompanies untreated alcoholism.

Both current research, and our experience and outcome studies, tell us that clients embrace recovery from the alcoholism more effectively when family members also have the opportunity to engage in educational and support programs designed to meet their needs.

Step Three: Holistic Treatment

South Pacific Private has a comprehensive and holistic approach to the treatment of alcohol addiction and alcohol dependence that is unique in Australia. All our treatment programs treat the underlying core issues, trauma, and family dynamics, which may have fuelled the development of the present problems, at the same time as addressing the drinking behaviour.

The most effective and efficient way to treat this problem that has usually developed over many years, and has many complex aspects, is to give yourself the life-changing experience of a short inpatient stay at a specialist facility such as SPP.

Our clients are taken on a therapeutic journey of discovery where you gain greater understanding of how your life has reached this point, and the steps that will get you back on the road to wherever you want to go in your life.

Treatment Options

  1. Inpatient Treatment
  2. Day Programs
  3. Evening Programs

Step Four: Living in Recovery from alcohol addiction

Finding your road to recovery from the alcohol addiction is a very personal journey. When you are in still in the middle of dealing with the issues and problems that have prompted you to seek this information, it can be very challenging to even glimpse what life may be like in Recovery.

Recovery is a process, and if you understood it when you first set out in search of it, there would be no need for the journey.

Recovery sneaks up on you through a series of insights and realizations as you attend your treatment program that has been designed by specialists who understand the journey you must take to effectively address the drinking problem and the accompanying thinking problems.

Addiction Realities

Recovery from alcohol addiction is likely to be more successful when underlying causes and environmental factors are addressed at the same time as you stop drinking.

Withdrawing from alcohol can be challenging, uncomfortable and even dangerous when attempting it alone. For this reason a professionally supervised detox is strongly recommended.

Addiction is a cunning, baffling and deadly disease and is most effectively treated in a therapeutic environment supported by addiction specialist health professionals.

Take the first step into treatment today by phoning or emailing our assessment team on 1800 063 332.