Recovering Addicts are more 'Civic-Minded' Says Pro Bono Australia Artcle

The results of a new Not for Profit study show that recovered drug addicts are highly involved in community and civic groups.

Described as the first Australian study of its kind, the Life In Recovery Survey, provided a detailed insight into what it’s like living with drug and alcohol addiction compared to a life in recovery.

The survey of 573 current and recovered drug and alcohol addicts looked at areas of finance, family and social life, health, legal issues and work and study.

The study was written by Professor David Best from the UK’s Sheffield Hallam University, in conjunction with Not for Profit Turning Point and Victorian mental illness and addiction facility South Pacific Private.

The results showed that recovered addicts are 40 per cent more likely to volunteer in community or civic groups,30 per cent more likely to participate in family activities and 40 per cent less likely to be involved in domestic violence.

“It’s common for recovered addicts to become involved in not-for-profit and community groups because they are highly motivated to give back. Most are grateful for the support they received throughout their recovery journeys and want to help others stuck in the deadly cycle they found their way out of,” General Manager at South Pacific Private, Claire Barber said.

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